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Global Climate Change (AGW)

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  • Global Climate Change (AGW)

    Yah, decided to spin off this thread before it hijacked da thread on da Biden Proposal.

    In da parent thread, vol_scouter opined that all scientific journals are controlled by da liberal academic elite or some such. I suppose that means that therefore we should ignore scientific findings on global warming and actively repress any research on gun violence. I'm not sure why we shouldn't also believe in crystal healing and astrology, too, because those liberal academic elites and their Journals are repressing da truth in order to prop up their high-profit medical establishment and statistics wonks.

    I'm just mystified. I think I read that last year, average temperature in da U.S. broke the previous record by a full degree Farenheit. Much of our midwestern farmland is experiencing somethin' rated worse than extreme drought. Da list of effects keeps piling up, and da evidence continues to accumulate into the thousands of studies, tracking everything from sea level rise to changes in animal migration patterns. Da emerging consensus is that it is now too late to save most of da coral reefs in the world.

    I should not in my lifetime be able to "see" changes in climate, eh? Any more than I should be able to "see" geological processes. And yet, here I am, watching areas which used to have reliable snow get none; glaciers that I once climbed are now gone; forests that I hiked are now being consumed by parasites that used to die in the winter cold; reefs I once dived are now dead.

    It's fine to say that da costs of responding to this challenge are too high, eh? Though I disagree, I acknowledge that one rational public policy position is that this is too big a problem to be able to address economically. We don't have enough control over offshore carbon emissions in da developing world. Our food supply relies on petroleum extraction for fertilizer to feed da planet.

    What's no longer anything other than quackery is claimin' that this is all just a liberal plot. We conservatives believe in preserving our way of life intact for our grandchildren, eh? Not being deliberately ignorant in order to line our pockets in da present.

    Yah, yah, we'll no doubt hear nonsense about "these are only theories" or "these are only computer models." Bunch of hogwash. Theories and models are how science is done, eh? Quantum mechanics is only a theory, but it doesn't stop us from building a semiconductor industry. Weather prediction is only a computer model, but it didn't stop us this fall from evacuating the New Jersey shore and spending millions of dollars pre-positioning emergency responders (and as a result, saving lives).

    Da fields and forests and hills and lakes are where we do scouting, eh? We are the first to be affected when Philmont has no water and our kids are doin' Klondike in the mud and not the snow. Is it time, yet, to set aside partisanship and work together on this problem?


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    Here are the texts from Vol_scouter and me from the other thread:
    Vol_scouter wrote:
    "Academia controls all of the so called 'reputable' journals and the media. They are left leaning to left wing. There is no opportunity for fair research or review of research. Anthropogenic Global Warming is the obvious example. No contrary opinion is allowed and then the left says 'see, there are no reputable journals to back on other interpretation'. There have been some 'studies' published in medical journals that were poor science and reached unsubstantiated conclusions that were lauded. Contrary views were treated derisively rather than with serious discussions. There is no opportunity for free and honest discourse in academia for anything that has to do with the left's view of the world."

    I replied:
    "Vol_scouter, are you aware of the Wall Street Journal article which describes the recent opinions of the AGW skeptic, Richard Muller? Have your familiarized yourself with his approach, his analysis, and his papers on this topic?"

    And then Beavah spun this one. I will delete the other posts, mine and that of Vol_scouter, in order to try to keep that thread on topic. Thanks, Beavah.