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Need valentine themed games!

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  • Need valentine themed games!

    My pack merged with another pack. Other pack does a monthly pack activity, which tends to be a themed party. Webelos are in charge this month and then the activity got switched with the pack meeting, so we have two weeks. Other webelos leader is alpha. I do what she says because there is no point in trying to argue. She wants to have a mother-son valentine's party. She's going to search pintrest for cute crafts. I'm in charge of games. I don't do cutesy putsey. I was thinking we could do mother-son sports and earn a belt loop, but that's not the kind of game she wants. Please give me some ideas!

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    Cool, you get to do the fun stuff. you might be the hero for your interesting addition to the meeting.

    Get a good book on games (Cub scout leader how to book is good). Anything can be made "valentine" by adding some cheap valentines, red and pink, or how you introduce the game.

    For example, My Webelos loved relays.

    Create a relay were they take and remove valentines from a basket at the far end of the room. Boys get to run and the mothers have to skip or walk backwards or some other easier task.

    There is "beach relay" where participants have a bag of goofy beach clothes in a beach bag and beach chair. Team runs down to the far end put on all the gear, sit in chair open magazine, hold beverage cup in hand. Then take it all off and put it back in the bag and run back for the next guy. How this is "Valentine" is how you introduce it. "Sweethearts go on trips together".

    If your games are good you might not even need an obvious connection to Valentines day.

    Best of luck, put on your running shoes and have fun.


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      We play this relay game with M&M's but it could be substituted for those candy hearts.. The boys take a straw (I cut straw in half) and with suction have to keep the candy on the end of the straw and race it to the end where they shoot it into a pie tin (or something similar).. The team with the most candies in the pie tin at the end of the time is the winner.

      You can do the balloon tied to the ankle where everyone has to try to break the other balloons but keep theirs unbroken.. Just use red & white balloons to keep with the theme.


      • qwazse
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        MT, that last one is genius, especially heart shaped balloons. You could call the game "Heartbreaker Hop"!

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      For the Politically Correct out there, may I add, a Mom/Son kinda theme walks a thin line. What about the boys that may not have a mom or the Pack meeting falls on a Dad time and he won't budge. It creates some rather strong emotional response for the boy who doesn't fit the parameters of that Pack meeting.

      Therefore I would suggest having a Valentine theme that reaches out to whoever the boy feels gives him the emotional support in any relationship. Maybe it's an older brother or sister who he feels cares more than a parent, etc. Maybe it's Grandma or Grandpa who's always there for him. Too often Valentine's Day is over focused on romantic male/female themes and should be focused more on who cares for me the most and I want to recognize that with a card/party.

      Just a thought....



      • christineka
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        Already thought of that- there are no boys without moms or moms that can't come at that day/time.

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      If you're looking to include a Belt Loop, consider playing marbles on a heart-shaped ring layout.

      If you're stuck indoors, you could do some sort of Newlyweds-type mother-son gameshow competition. Make a set of questions (try not to get too embarassing, but 1-2 groaners can be fun), have the boys sit next to their mothers, ask to see how much they know about each other, and go ahead and keep score. But have a couple of "gimmies" in there than anyone can get right.

      Mother questions (to ask the boys):
      What is your Mother's middle name?
      When is your mother's birthday?
      What city was your mother born?
      Where did your mother go to high school?
      Name a food your mother hates.
      Name one thing you have in common with your mother

      Boy questions (to ask their mothers):
      What is your son's favorite food?
      Who is your son's best friend at school?
      What is your son's favorite video game?
      Who is your son's favorite fictional character?
      What is the scariest movie your son has watched?
      What was your son's favorite scout activity?


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        Probably too late for your use, but I play "musical bases" at various holiday times. I print out or cut out a basic holiday picture (e.g. hearts for Valentine's Day, pumpkins for Halloween, etc.) and I glue it to card stock or cardboard. I tape these bases all around the large meeting space on the floor. # of bases = # of scouts You play a holiday song (I use an iHome and iPhone). They are supposed to run/dance around the room until the music goes off, then jump on a base. In the 1st round, everybody gets a base. Then you remove the bases one per room, just like musical chair, until there are two scouts and one base left. Last man on base wins. Rules: only feet on bases, no hands; no sliding or tackling. You do not want bases to be too big, or two of them will end up fighting/sharing the bases. They LOVE this and ask for it all the time.


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          Unfortunately, working for alpha lady, I presented games, she chose, and chose how to carry it all out. We played the game where you have one chair less than everyone, call out an attribute (such as "blue eyes"), then all those people have to get up and change chairs, while the person who is "it" tries to get a chair. That was pretty fun. Then we played "Minute to win it", which would have been fun, if it hadn't been drawn out by making each mother-son team do every challenge. At any rate, that was my last event. I was "un-voluntold" from scouts. I just have to go along to den meetings until I get replaced. My son won't have to go to any more pack activities and has only one more pack meeting left. Next son has a year before he becomes a cub scout.


          • SSScout
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            "Unvoluntold"? Does that mean you were TOLD (by whom?) you were no longer needed, gold watch, put out to pasture, etc.?? Just because you no longer have a son in Cubs (next one coming along?) doesn't mean you can't be supportive to the Pack. Ask the Cubmaster , maybe he/she needs an ACM. Take on a task: The B&G, the PWD, the next BALOO training, there is something out there you can help with, sans Ms Alpha...
            I might look to become a Commissioner. Ask your DE or call Council office to find out how and why!
            Thank you for your support of Scouting! Keep us informed how things go, "inquiring minds want to know".