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Who Can Remove a CM?

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  • Who Can Remove a CM?

    Does anyone know where this thread is? I can't find it... but I get so many error messages I wonder if it's just me.

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      I can't get the link to open, but my understanding is the Committee Chair or the Charter Organization Rep can


      • King Ding Dong
        King Ding Dong commented
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        That is correct. By extension the Institutional Head can also by directing it through the COR. If the CM is accused of being gay, I suppose National can do it also.

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      My experience, I have seen Council remove a unit leader (as in remove from Scouting) more often than IH or National. Sometimes Council pressures an IH to do it. Reasons could be a youth protection issue, financial mismanagement, membership qualification, or somebody doesn't like somebody...but rarely will the reason be stated.

      My $0.02


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        In our Pack right now the CC excuse is "to protect CM health", the CM has MS. The CM has been CM since early July., but been in leader positions for 4 years. For the past month the CC has pushed the CM aside during Pack meetings and taken over, held leader meetings without the CM knowing, and Now is forcing the CM to step down and has called a meeting of all parents and the DE to be present when this is done.


        • alarab
          alarab commented
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          We have considered that. If it comes down to it and I leave the position then I will also leave the pack though. The unfortunate thing for that pack will be that there are other leaders that have decided that if the CC gets her way, they too will leave. But maybe that is what the pack needs, a fresh start or, let the CC be the "master and commander" she wants to be. The CC asked the DE to be there to back her up.
          There is another pack here locally that is decent sized but lacks leadership. They have a new, but inexperienced CM, no Web I leader or Asst, and only 3 committee members. If things turn out in the CC favor tomorrow night I will go there( that CM has been begging for my help) and give her all the help I can, as will the 3 leaders that will be following me (2 of which are my family members). We will just have to wait and see.
          Either way, I am not in scouting for the adults aspect, except to help the parents help the boys grow. MY entire being for scouting is for the boys and to help the boys grow!
          There will always be a place for me somewhere

        • King Ding Dong
          King Ding Dong commented
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          Than you for your service to scouting. Go where you are wanted. I wish our pack and troop had some experienced Scouters to help out.

        • ScoutNut
          ScoutNut commented
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          What is your Charter Organization (CO)? Who is the head of that CO (Charter Organization)? Are they at all involved/interested in the operation of their Pack?

          I suggest you talk to the head (IH-Institutional Head) of your CO. Tell him/her what is going on, and invite him to the meeting. If you can get the IH on your side, the IH trumps the COR/CC.

          I will be REALLY surprised if your DE shows up. They might, possibly, send your District Commissioner instead. Either way, if your CO/IH wants you gone there is nothing you, or the DE, or the parents, can do about it.

          Note - There MUST be a registered Cubmaster to have a valid Cub Scout Pack. That CM can NOT also be the registered COR, or the registered CC. So, your COR/CC can NOT be the one, single, do it all, "master/commander".

          Personally, I would move to the other Pack. I am sure they can find something for you to do. Or, you might consider talking to your DE about volunteering in the District Commissioner Service. It sounds like your area could use some experienced Unit Commissioners!

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        I wish BSA would fix the org chart that shows the CM reporting to the Committee. I'll leave it to managerial types to figure out how to depict the CC and CM working as a team.


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          From here in the cheap seats, it sounds like CM alarab should move to the commissioner corps and transfer to the pack who is asking for help, registering as its UC. Eventually, when the dust settles with the current pack, he/she could UC that one, if asked. Regardless, it's entirely possible that several packs could benefit from that seasoned leadership.

          The only catch is sometimes UCs do better at a distance (i.e., when their own family members are not in the Packs they are serving).

          I'll let the former district key-3s among us opine further as to the merits of such a move.