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  1. None that I'm aware of
  2. I'm deeply disturbed that there are Councils that don't want to hold Welot/IOLS classes. These are fantastic hands on classes and could truly make a difference in a Scouters experience when it comes to camping, not to mention it teaches you how to do things the safe way. Not everything can be learned from reading the book. Hands on is s must sometimes
  3. mdp3612

    Pack Logos

    Ok, I notice a lot of the Packs out there have custom logos for their web pages or materials, how do I go about making it having one made. I've looked everywhere and can't figure it out.
  4. I'm not going to judge what this Leader is doing because there is always three sides to every story his, hers and the truth. What I will say if you are fudging what he is doing you are truly doing your son a disservice. With that being said if you truly have a legitimate issue with this leader and can not work it out, I would suggest finding a new Pack.
  5. Our Pack hasn't had any issues with people trying to cheat. The only thing that irks me is the pre cut sets. People go buy a coping saw and cut out a car. The only thing I do for my boys is cut the design they choose out with a band saw and they are on their own from there.
  6. Lets face it not every Den Leader is a singer we all have our strong points. Me if I tried to sing it would sound some where between a dying moose and a water buffaloes mating call and that's being nice. But there will always be those Den leaders who can stand up there and get the kids to sing.
  7. It's seems what it comes down to is Cubs needs more hands on and less classroom style activities.
  8. We give hand made walking sticks with the pack number burned on it and the arrow of light medallion placed on it.
  9. My biggest problem with wolf and bear is too much book work. Tigers and Webelos is where all the fun stuff is
  10. They did fantastic, they did the bubblegum skit. We only do one den skit per pack meeting, our wolfs did a skit for pinewood derby that involved making cardboard box race cars and they raced them and had pit crews
  11. Hey Seattle Pioneer this is not my first year in Cub Scouts just new to the forum. So if Cub Scouts is too long I guess Boy Scouts is what?
  12. We have a den leader who loves to sing songs with the kids and it goes over very well and most songs are do as I do say as I say. Our tigers did a skit for the end of the year banquet that they spent time over the last month rehearsing and it was great. We did lego christmas stockings at our holiday party that went over great. It's up to the commitment of the leaders to make it work.
  13. I really wish the BSA would start a kindergarten age program, my youngest son is 5 and in Kindergarten and he sat in the Tiger Den all year and there was not a single thing he wasn't able to do, he knew the law and promise by his second meeting and was better then some of our bears. We gave him a certificate for making all requirements and he will get his bobcat at out welcome back Pack Meeting since he will officially be a tiger. We did a membership drive at a Vol Fire Co open house and you wouldn't believe how many Kindergarten age kids are looking for activities. The BSA is really missing o
  14. I've found the following work best at Pack Meetings, songs , skits, small art projects and food, oh did I mention FOOD!!!! Make it a dinner, with everyone's busy schedule everyone love to be able to sit down and eat beforehand. Plus keep it simple.
  15. I can't get the link to open, but my understanding is the Committee Chair or the Charter Organization Rep can
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