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Reading the Merit Badge Pamphlet

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I used to teach too, and learned to turn away Graduate Students with "I will be glad to meet with you provided you write a note about what you want to discuss and schedule a time"--got rid of 50% of them! Lazy little buggers, :)

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I am speaking from experience on the reading issue, accept it or not.


Yah, hmmmm...


You're from Republican Country there, eh?


I reckon that's about the most eloquent statement of what da modern Republican party has become that I've read in a while. :( Why read when there's YouTube? We have become da party of anti-intellectualism. Books, even books written at the 5th grade level, are for them liberal elitists.


Personally, I don't use da MB pamphlets too often because I find 'em too shallow. I usually have scouts read stuff that's more thorough/advanced/adult. I'm not a fishing MBC, but I expect there are some good periodicals and many fine texts out there. That's where I usually start.


B (another old guy)



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Yep, if the scout has not even seen the mb booklet, then he usually has not made any real effort to do anything. When called by a scout, I tell them they need to review the book at least, as it will give them basic info. Most of the books have pretty good reference lists included, so the more in depth stuff can be found through that list. Of course, if a scout has researched it without the book, and actually knows the material, once cannot fault that.


Still, it is another reflection of our modern society that reading is often not a skill encouraged in the home, just as handwriting in cursive, or at least "legible" printing, is not reinforced. I am continually flabbergasted by how often my scouts have not even read the two pages of basic info in their scout books on various subjects. And, using an index or appendix seems to be a novel idea to many as well.


One comment about price of the current merit badge pamphlets surprised me. $5 today is not a high price for a color, glossy formatted booklet. If nothing else, the scout publications today have some pretty good photo, maybe too many in some instances, but still well done overall.


As counselors, we need to make the effort to challenge the boys, even if it means rescheduling sometimes. I have had some for various citizenship badges return at least once, and occasionally 3 times. I also now make myself available on-line for questions and assistance if they need it. Certainly, just because a boy filled out the available worksheet, he has not actually completed the badge; especially since many of the ideas need to be "discussed".

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I prefer to encourage them to read the merit badge pamphlet. First I would ask them to READ the requirements. Many don't and are so unprepared. *sigh in the first failings of the 'Be Prepared' motto.


Second in reading the merit badge book, encourage scouts to learn the skim method. If they read the requirements, they know what they don't know. Then go to read the headings and finding the info they don't know in the requirements.


As a merit badge counselor, I think its important to supplement the merit badge book with handouts, other books, pictures, equipment and information to the topic chosen. Nothing is more boring than a plain old lecture when the mouth just never seems to stop moving and only 30% is lip readable... *grins Also consider different types of learners: auditory, visual, hands on and etc so you reach a wider audience while considering your own style of teaching... *winka

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