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  1. Blaah, haa, ha. Sure does, especially if you don't put the fly on! Otherwise it rains right through the mosquito netting.
  2. Hello, It's late in the season and you won't have many options. So here I go, Yosemite Valley is busy, I mean very busy. If you want any slim chance to get a Valley camp site. Consider volunteering for a service project in Yosemite Valley. Even these projects fill up hours after they post. So please don't be disappointed. You will be offered a group site for volunteers and be given camp days per volunteer time. Contact Heather Boothe at 209-379-1850 or -1855 or email at yose_volunteer@nps.gov . In winter/spring our office is generally staffed Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm. Next: Camping outs
  3. Hello For tarp tent camping or tent camping. I have been using a piece of tyvek cut just 12" over the floor or tub size of the tent. Its light weight, pretty durable, but not the cheapest. It does pack down super small, but shows the dirt. It can be washed in the clothes washer in light cycle. Matter a fact, I wash my new tarps to soften them and they lose their loud crinkle sound.
  4. My sons troop has ISA account for the Scouts, while its difficult to know your balance at a moments notice. The account gives my son the chance to pay for targets and ammunition at Scout Camp this year. And of course, other Scout related expenses. Yes, the Scouts parent(s) has an account as well. There again, money is used for their Scout or a Scouting activity.
  5. Thank for all the replies. There will be a leader with Safe Swim Defense certification, and after my question about swimming ability the heat is now down to a simmer. Old_Guy
  6. Hello Scouter’s, I have a question. Our troop has a 50 miler coming up soon in the Emigrant Wilderness. And as one of the participating adult leaders I bought up a question, at our monthly ASM’s meeting. About Scouts participating in the 50 miler, should they complete a swim classification test before the trek? This trip has shallow water crossing and at every layover; we will be near some form of water (Lake or stream). The reason I brought this up, was for the Scouts who would be trying there skills at fishing, some for the first time. Safety, Safety, but I have a concer
  7. Neal, I have no experience at the Badlands but just watched a short clip at The Live Well Network/Motion. Wow! The park looks beautiful, but hot and very arid with not a tree in site.
  8. Thanks everyone for the great replies. I understand sitting down and reading 92 pages can but anyone off the bite. And then coming back to the Counselor with the completed Merit Badge work sheet is a huge task. I have asked that we take the review and discussion of questions in sections. And supplement it with a little time practicing casting and looking at equipment shown in the pamphlet. I can only wish/hope that the Scout will Be prepared for the first meeting. And maybe spot them one day, looking over the magazine rack for the latest In-Fisherman magazine. Tight Lines, Old G
  9. I have a question about reading the Merit Badge pamphlet. Soon a few Scouts will be starting the Fishing Merit Badge. I will counsel the Merit Badge, my first time. I have requested the Scouts to read the pamphlet. But I have found interesting comments from the adult troop members. Comments like, The Scouts usually dont read the complete pamphlet. And... Usually, there are few books in the troop library for them to view, but they dont read the complete pamphlet. I would like the Scouts to read the sections, so they can answer the requirements and also talk about the other information in the
  10. Well, good news. The SM delivered the cards, signed. My boy is all smiles. Our new Merit Badge Coordinator is looking for some blue cards, and I mentioned to him the local Scout shop might have them. I wished him luck.
  11. Hello All, And thanks for you input. Tampa Turtle: Its a boys led troop, and he is enjoying the group. At last weeks meeting, he built a hatchet out of Duc tape. And saw a lot of other cool things built that night a hat, bow & arrow and other stuff. Lots of inventing and thinking, and meet and greet the crop of 21 new scouts. So he had a good time. NJCubScouter: I am just concerned he took the wrong path. He had only looked at two troops before deciding on his current troop. The first one which he did not choose might have intimidated him. The meeting was set in a rock climbing
  12. When do you tell your son its time to find another Boy Scout troop? I really dont want to send a complaint letter, up to Council. But the troop he belongs to just isnt cutting the mustard. Yes, I attend the parent meetings, tried to volunteer, two months later, they tell me I have the job, after I speak with the Scoutmaster and the Quartermaster. Now mind you, I have been trying to talk to the Scoutmaster for the last three months. I dont like to or want to bother him during the weekly meeting. That time is Scout time. But the grumble list is growing and is very long. One camping t
  13. I think you have your answers from all the great posts. But, when someone says draping, I think casket. Here is a some great info: http://www.tidewaterbsa.com/forms/flagceremony.pdf Please delete if this breaks any rules. Thanks
  14. New to this forum. My son has been with his troop for year. I have been helping the troop, patrol or events when I can. But mainly just watching how his troop works. Noting where I may step in to help the troop in a more advanced position. Our family spends time outdoors throughout the year. So dirt and camping arent a problem Today is the day!
  15. Thanks for all the responses. My concern was the ASM noting which one could or couldnt be counted, while the Advancement Officer gave the service a yes. My son is a Tenderfoot, so the time spent will not help with his advancement, but taking another step towards building his character, community awareness and the needs of others. No other rewards or credits, but does help with his record keeping. If he doesnt write it down and request a signature of completion. Which he completely understands, most of the time. He has friends with disabilities, donates money found from metal detecting to
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