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Yet another inappropriate skit...

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Following on the discussion regarding the whipped cream skit, here is one that was refused at the last night campfire at summer camp. The SPL had to submit the skit, and the camp director refused to let the Troop perform it because it was too violent. The Scouts were disappointed and confused as they had been practicing all week and thought it was hilarious.


Many of you will likely recognize the "Firing Squad Skit" as I pull it directly from the "Scouting Trail" website:


(3 soldiers in a holding cell stage left. In walks the leader of the enemy.)

Leader: You have all been found guilty of spying. You will each be shot by firing squad.

(the firing squad enters stage right)

Leader: First prisoner, take your place!

(Prisoner #1 steps out from the others and stands straight and tall facing the firing squad)

Leader: Ready!

Leader: Aim!

Prisoner #1: HURRICANE!

(all the soldiers scurry for cover looking afraid. The prisoner runs offstage. When they realize there is no hurricane, the soldiers line up again)

Leader: Next prisoner, take your place!

(Prisoner #2 steps out from the others and stands straight and tall facing the firing squad)

Leader: Ready!

Leader: Aim!

Prisoner #1: TIDAL WAVE!

(all the soldiers scurry for cover looking afraid. The prisoner runs offstage. When they realize there is no tidal wave, the soldiers line up again)

Leader: Next prisoner, take your place!

(Prisoner #3 steps out from the others and stands straight and tall facing the firing squad)

Leader: Ready!

Leader: Aim!

Prisoner #1: FIRE!

(the prisoner falls, being shot by the solders)

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Yep! It is inapropriate...just like kindergarteners pointing their fingers like guns and saying "pow,pow" while playing cops and robbers!


Maybe the Camp Director shoukld have expelled them from camp, called social sevices and possibly the state juvinile authorities?



Funny thing is, we saw that skit at CUB SCOUT Council Camp a month ago...it was one of the higher laugh getting skits!




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Yes, the G2SS says that you can't point pretend guns at human targets, and this would include things like paintball guns, lasers, etc.


In this case, the pretend gun is a finger, so I guess, strictly speaking, it comes under the same category.


Common sense would say that you would ignore the rule in this case. Unfortunately, some people are too spooked to use common sense.

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Well, since you clarified that it is pretend guns...maybe it's restricted to distric or council events ...specifically at the "pretend gun firing range" under the supervision and instruction of a NRA "Pretend Instructor' ?


LOL! :)

Couldn't help myself.


Edited because I keep typing pretend words! Just pretend you didn't see that! :)


Yeah, common sense is the key!


This is where somebody is being too corporate annd lacking in the common sense area!(This message has been edited by scoutfish)

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I don't have the G2SS in front of me right now, but IIRC, the use of pretend guns is perfectly acceptable, as long as you're not pointing them at human targets. So a pretend shooting range is A-OK.


Actually, I do have a correction to my prior post. A firing squad wouldn't be using pistols, so they wouldn't be pointing their fingers.


Instead, they would be holding a piece of air, in the shape of a rifle. But whether it's made out of paint, laser, finger, or air, it's still a pretend gun!

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I should probably have my membership in BSA revoked at this point. Judging from my interpretation of the FIRST "is this skit inappropriate?" question AND the fact that we had this very skit performed at our PACK FAMILY CAMPOUT this past weekend. It was performed by (gasp) the WOLF den !!!


I personally approved the den's skits prior to the campfire. Bad, Bad Cubmaster.


They used a 'stick' (not from a live tree, but one found on the ground) as the 'gun' in the skit.


I suppose it would have been OK if they had pointed the "gun" above the fire-ee's head. Then we could re-name the skit "The re-enactment firing squad skit" and the boys could just be re-enacting a civil war firing squad, thus abiding by BSA G2SS rules.


See - the problem with "is this inappropriate?" is WHO gets to make that decision? Its kind of the question in art or theater of "what is obscene?" Well, the best answer the supreme court has been able to come up with is, "We're not sure, but we know it when we see it."


The camp director is in a no-win situation. They have the authority / responsibility to limit any skit / song done. They also get the brunt of every overly prudish parent that happens to be in camp when a skit is performed. So, the knee jerk reaction is to err on the side of caution. Thus, the program gets a little more watered down, a little less adventurous, a little less boy-brash.


Why do I think Baden Powell and Green Bar Bill are rolling in their collective graves when posts such as these come up?

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Fellow Scouters,




I commented in the previous inappropriate posting, but I have something more to add.


I had a Scouting friend that would not play any other game or inter-patrol activity, other than those published in the Woods Wisdom and Program Features. His opinion was that any game not published by BSA would make him liable for any injury, and any activity that was published by BSA if following the rules, would remove him from any injury liability.


IMHO, some Scouters get too wrapped up with "inappropriate". I've staffed and chaired many SMF and then IOLS, and I've staffed a few WB, WB21C, and NYLT courses. In about the late 80's, a circular started to make it rounds about grey areas. By the late 90's, it could be found on a few amateur Scouting webpages, but not on the national BSA website. Then by the publish date of the newest WB21C, IOLS, and NYLT the mysterious grey areas were written into the syllabus. At least that was the first time I've seen grey areas published in national BSA literature.


I have Scouting friends, that have gone a little beyond their boundaries and misquoted the grey areas of Scouting. They would stand in front of training sessions and campfires and say "BSA absolutely forbids!!!", "These skits, songs are against all the BSA rules!!", and "BSA will kick you out, if you allow this skit". They state that it is BSA literature, and these specific rules will not be violated or severe BSA punishment will fall upon the adult leader in charge.


This is the point I disagree with many long time friends.


During my training sessions, I try to quote the introduction paragraph to the grey areas nearly the way they are written (and I don't have a copy in front of me right now). But I state, "It is recommended not to allow these skits, songs, etc". The key word is recommended. It is sound guidance for a reason, but it is not an absolute law.


I also give my newest friends and learners my own opinion and caveat it as Crew21_Adv'ism, so they understand it is my opinion and not BSA literature. I tell them, if you allow a skit, song or story to be presented at a campfire or COH, youd better be a good adult or SPL and be prepared to say some apologies if you offend any attendees. They are welcome to take my advice or not; and they can stick to the BSA Sparklers and Boy Scout song book and go no further if they desire. But they learn that there are grey areas, the grey areas can be interpreted differently, and guidelines recommend to avoid these areas, but doesnt absolute forbid them.


So, what point am I trying to make. It is normally the Campfire host that should determine what is good and what becomes questionable. Then even if a questionable event occurs during the campfire, the Campfire host should be responsible for apologizing and settling the mood after any unfortunate event.


As a final note. As a recent Camporee Chair, I disapproved my own Venturing Crew's skit, even after the camporee SPL and the Camporee "Scoutmaster" approved it. I was shocked with their spin on an already risqu skit I've never been fond of. They are still pretty good Venturers with a brief lapse of moral judgment, they did improvise and come up with an audience participation song shortly afterwards, which the audience laughed and roared over.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21_Adv(This message has been edited by Crew21_Adv)

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I am NOT calling anybody out, not am I saying that anybody is lieing, misleading or telling less than the truth.


But what I want to know is this: I looked at the online version of G2SS and I looked at my printed copy of G2SS and under the general topic of shooting, ANd under the sub catagories of Cubs, Scouts and Venturers.....and also under updates.


I did not see any wording whatsoever about pretend, simulated or other wise. Matter of fact, I did not see mention of wether targets could not be lifelike, animals, living things, etc....


So, is this really a national policy, or possibly a council policy.


What I am really asking is this: Can you post a link to the actual qouted and written part of G2SS that says this or at the very least - implies or could lead somebody to believe the aforementioned to be true.

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