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Yet another inappropriate skit...

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Okay, I found it online. You'd think anything concerning firearms( simulated or otherwise) would be in the section pertaining to firearms and shooting.


My printed version still does not say anything about simulated. It is a 2007 printing though.

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DeanRx writes:


Why do I think Baden Powell and Green Bar Bill are rolling in their collective graves when posts such as these come up?


Actually they preferred pretend bombs to pretend rifles.


Rather than hanging out at campfires where these lame adults can force them to be politically correct, Scouts should be out playing "Wide Games" as B-P and GBB intended: Pretending to kill each other just as human boys did from the misty beginnings of time up until the feminists were invented:




Yours at 300 feet,





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From the G2SS: "Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is unauthorized."


My interpretation of this is that they are talking solely about devices like paintball guns and laser guns, where the device is actually intended to resemble (simulate) a firearm. I don't believe this refers to sticks or fingers or completely pretend weapons.


Later in the paragraph the G2SS states: "The use of paintball guns, laser guns or similar devices may be utilized in target shooting" - again emphasizing the type of simulated weapons that they are talking about.

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The camp director is in a no-win situation. They have the authority / responsibility to limit any skit / song done. They also get the brunt of every overly prudish parent that happens to be in camp when a skit is performed. So, the knee jerk reaction is to err on the side of caution. Thus, the program gets a little more watered down, a little less adventurous, a little less boy-brash.

Yeah, so, we're supposed to be teaching leadership, and teaching it by modeling it for the boys to see. So the Camp Director has a responsibility to model good leadership by continuing to use good judgement even in the face of unreasonable demands by unreasonable people. For Pete's sake, 90% of leadership is denying poorly-thought-out or selfish requests made of your people by some outsider pursuing a different agenda. If the CD caves and goes with the bureaucratic CYA response, he's utterly failing at the primary mission on any adult in BSA, providing a good example of a responsible adult for the boys to see and emulate.



Sorry, just a real peeve of mine, that so many adults in positions of authority around the youths of today adopt a bureaucratic mindset.

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At one point I was a Webelos Den Leader (younger son) and a Scoutmaster (older son). During Webelos Woodlands (Council's four day camping for Webelos), I had our den plus two den chiefs. The Webelos den consisted a four boys from my Pack and four boys from another Pack. When it came time for skits, the boys I didn't know real well came up with a farting skit that the den chiefs were embarrassed by and "my" Webelos didn't want to do. I had the boys work it out. The fathers of the other Webelos were not overly thrilled but I think they understood.


I've seen many skits where "shooting" (i.e. holding nothing but positioning the body, arms and fingers as if shooting) were done. I've never witnessed any objection.(This message has been edited by acco40)

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I'm thinking that I should go proactive on this one:

Next leaders meeting, I am going to bring up the idea that:


In the event that cub scouts are witnessed to be using imaginary guns during skits - during pack events, the highest ranking adult leader present must immediately use the nearest imaginary phone to call the DE or SE and report the imaginary incident.They must also document this on Imaginary form # 90128534-I



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