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In a PM to me, Gonzo has requested that I apologize for implying that he was deliberately making a falsehood about the "list of accepted religions". I certainly never intended anyone to think that he was being untrustworthy in any way; I simply wanted to clarify the issue for other readers.


I have no doubt at all that Gonzo is a terrific Scouter and lives by the Scout Law. I hope that he will be able to correct my posting errors (and I will make them) with the tact that I was unable to achieve.




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Apology noted and accepted, thank you.

It is not my intent to incite riotous debate, rather healthy debate.

I appreciate your posts and information, thank you for helping me and others withyour knowledge of the Religious Relationships Committee.


In a recent post, you said:

"On the other hand, there is no list of acceptable faiths for individual membership. Any person is welcome to join, regardless of faith, as long as that person professes a belief in (a) god(s). But note that "BSA does not define what constitutes belief in God" This effectively means that all beliefs are acceptable. "


I thought i had seen a post where there existed such a list, if I'm wrong, eh hem, I'm, wr, I uh, well, I uh, I guess I'm wrong.


The further point you made above is exactly what I have been trying to say. These darn messages are sometimes difficult to express ideas. Anyone can join BSA If the believe in God. I couldn't care less whcih religion the person is. AAs long as a person believes in God, no problem.


Let me say that by no means am I Bible totin', verse quotin' religious freak. I go to church on most Sundays. When I can't make it, I listen to some church on the radio or listen to Christian, old time gospel music preferably.




I'm sorry I hijacked your thread. But hey, at least it didn't get shut down, at least not yet.


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Dan, from what I've read about the situation, the BSA has deliberately prevented CoG or any other "unacceptable" religion from having a recognized award. When CoG met the old requirements, the BSA changed the requirements (chartering at least 25 units); when CoG wanted to charter some units, the BSA refused.

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Iiiimmmm baaaackk! From the dentist, that is. Gonzo1 might appreciate this but I actually fell asleep in the chair. Laughing stock of the whole office, I'm afraid. I just hope the students don't find out..oh hell, I'll probably tell them myself.;) Oops, did I let one slip? Sorry.

You guys lay off Gonzo1! He's being nice and just wants to know the answers like the rest of us. And (the part I like best) he is susceptible to reason.


Merlyn, that last thing was really interesting. I will check out the other thread.


Trevorum, I would point out that in one sense, at least, LDS most certainly IS a pyramid scheme - based on the fact that they are trying to 'save' everyone else by proxy, even dead relatives going back as far as their geneology work can take them, possibly to Adam (I wonder if they know about mitochondrial DNA). It might not make much money but that looks like a pyramid to me. Weird too! But otherwise I agree with your comparison. H'mmm maybe my Church of Moral Thermodynamics has a chance after all..and a hidden chance to make a LOT of money..uuuuhhh, I've got work to do. How do you think I'll be as the leader of a new cult? ;)

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