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What is or was your patrol yell?

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I find this interesting. I actually expected to hers something akin to parts of the Scout Oath


You know "Beaver patrol yell: " Beavers are honest and reverent!"


I didn't expect to hear : " SQUEEZE THE BUNNY! And I didn't expect it to be okay. Glad it was, but with all the pc happening today, I figured it would be turned down.


So, talking with our CC, who's patrol was the Polar bears, he told me his patrol's yell: "DUDE!...Brrrrrrrrrr! " :)


So what is/ was your patrol yell?


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When I was a Boy Scout, I was in the Cobra patrol.

Ours was " Cobras dont cheer, they SSSSSTRIKE"


Yea, we kind of took that as a rally cry, more than a cheer!


During WB, we changed it every day. Our main one was

"BEAVERS, We do give a DAM"


We also did other ones like


" Hello , Mrs. Cleaver"

The everpopular one from Naked Gun, half the guys would do the first part, the other half the return line


"Thanks, I just had it stuffed"


And then after the GOL, it was

" BEAVERS, We're not really PIRATES!" for obvious reasons


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I was in scouting in the mid-80's. Our patrol HATED the G.I. Joe cartoon series/comic book series, so what better way to express our hatred, then to become the Cobra, Anti-G.I. Joe Patrol.


So our call was just like that of the Cobra forces. Our flag was the Cobra flag....and I still have it.

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I surmise that in the "olden days" adults taught the boys actual bird calls and other actual animal sounds.


When going to the Jamboree, we wanted to be the Playboy Patrol. I was readying a letter to Hugh Hefner for permission to use the bunny symbol when higher-ups quashed the idea. Our patrol yell was going to be, "hubba-hubba!"

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I was never fortunate enough to be a scout, but in Woodbadge, we had the following:


One of us would yell out the first line, and the rest of us responded



Rest of us: BEAR PATROL!





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"Clap your hands.. stomp your feet, Eagle patrol cant be beat"

"Rattle Snakes Rattle Snakes we are the best, Rattle Snakes, Rattle Snakes better than all the rest!"

those are the two i remember

we also have a troop yell "North, South, East, or, West 85 is the best!"

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well, we attempted to have our patrol be the 'hairy beavers', until the adults caught on... had a BUNCH of good yells ready for that patrol....


So, we settled for the viking patrol and the yell of, "Thor's Hammer !!" followed by either stopping the ground or slapping your hands loudly.


I've also seen the "pi" patrol, with the yell "3.14159"...


And the Coyote partol with "Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit" al la Elmer Fudd sneeking up on Buggs Bunny...

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