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You would hope that the adults would apologize without prodding with regard to their under handed behavior (for some reason Scouting seems to bring that out in adults).


However I agree that if they will not apologize there should be some consequences.

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Solve one problem at a time. Let the SM and scout choose a course of action and give them time to implement it.


Then point out to parents that appropriate action was taken and encourage them to support the SPL as best they can. Also tell them that going to the DE over a matter like this hurts the SM deeply, an apology to him on their part would be in order.


If their confidence in the SM is really so low that they won't apologize, then you could suggest another troop where they may feel more comfortable. ( Give them the number of the SM who annoyed you most at the last camporee!)

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The more I think about this, the more rediculous it sounds to me>


The boy's private , non scout affiliated facebook page shows something that people in the same scouting unit do not like.


WEll, my wife has a couple thongs she wears on occasion, and I bet you a few ladies in the local church would have a fit if they knew.


I bet some of you have said a word or two in public, around people , that would not fit in the scout oath or law.


I bet quite a few of you drink on occasion, including Eamonn's odd drinks :) .


But wait, drinking is not something scouting wants to associate with right? Uh oh....somebody's in trouble. Maybe we should step down from our scouter positions and apologize.


Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are not co-ed activities and sex is a BIG nono, but I'm sure that most of trhe cub scouts and all the boy scouts stopped believeing in the stork when it comes to where babies come from>


Both mom and da scouters? Well, tere you have it, some non- scouting activity happened between scouters. Better step down and apologize!


NOw, not having seen this video myself, as I am sure most of us haven't...what is the exact tone of the vidoe? Is it a person making fun of people who make fun of interracial marrages, relationships or offspring?


Is it satire? Or maybe it';s one of those cases where it is something that pertains to this scout where he laughs at other people's arrogance when it comes to interracial people>>

And really, of all the people who are upset, how many are interracial?


Maybe they do not have the intellect, depth or understanding to even come close to trying to make a judgement.



Personally, I'd rather these parents leave as they might end up becoming some sort of thought police.


Parents: "We don't like your humor, the type of music you listen to or even the brand of shoes you wear."


Scout: "But that stuff was all in my closet, how do you know about that?"


Parents: "We went snooping and prying into your personal life to make sure you are of a good ethical and moral character!"


And as a CubMaster, I will say this: I am a CubMaster when ever my leaders or scouyts need it, but I do hang up my hat on many occasions, including right now..while at home> I might listen to some Metallica, whatch Eddie Murphy on tv, or catch me some Saturday Night Live to see how much fun we can make of anybody and laugh at them.


Where I am from, it's called relaxing, letting off steam, or stress busting.


And making this scout apologize is absolutely stupid, It's basically saying:


" We know you do not mean it, you know we know you do not mean it, but we want to hear it anyways to show we still have power over you. "





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"a teenager posting a typical Vegas comedy routine on Facebook."


Does that mean Beavah found the file?


I Googled interracial comedy, but none of the YouTube results I saw were edgy enough to paste on a teenager's Facebook :)



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I am not going to produce the file. It uses language like M***F**** on several occasions. FU on more occasions. Talks about girls having orgasms so on so forth. It also uses most all the lesser cuss words. You just have to take my word for it. Thanks for the advice.

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Corral all these nosy adult leaders into a room. Ask them all to close their eyes, so all disclosures are private. Then ask them to raise their hands if they've ever uttered a swear word, had an impure thought or talked about sex with someone not their spouse. Then ask everyone who raised their hand to submit their resignations, because they don't live up to their own puritanical standards.


Seriously: Back up your SM to the hilt on this, and tell the parents politely that it's none of their business. The SM's plan wouldn't be the way I'd handle it, but he's closest to the boys and knows them the best.


Also suggest that he have a conversation with the SPL about appointing a full-time chaplain's aide. Then, in your role as CC, find the most reasonable, down-to-earth adult you can and make him or her your Troop Chaplain to mentor this young man. Religion is clearly important to your troop, so you should have someone dedicated to this. (Remember: A Troop Chaplain is an adult; a chaplain's aide is a Scout.)

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I am not going to produce the file. It uses language like M***F**** on several occasions. FU on more occasions. Talks about girls having orgasms so on so forth. It also uses most all the lesser cuss words.


Yah, hmmmm....


Yeh know, that fits almost every big-name comedy act in Vegas or other places these days. Also fits just about everything that shows up on da Comedy Channel. Even during Prime Time when little kids are up. Bill Cosby types are pretty rare, I reckon.


Yah, yah, I know, for us old farts it's hard to get past da language. But my real question is: Was it any good? :) Most of that stuff I find too shallow, but every now and then...


That ridiculous Tucker & Dale vs. Evil thing that someone mentioned on da other thread comes complete with graphic violence, foul language, and sex talk/sexual innuendo. But in actual fact it's sort of amusing and even sweet, with some good moral messages about the penalties for stereotyping and judgin' others. Yah, I actually watched the darn thing. :cool:


Since that link showed up on a public scouter forum, maybe we all need to apologize or be thrown out or somethin'.




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Chaplain Aide? To what Chaplain? The Chaplain and the Scoutmaster might be able to take the Scout out for a Sprite.tm

and do the "Sandwich."


"You are a good SPL, are showing leadership development, etc."


"We have some suggestions about areas in which you can grow."

"Facebook, respecting adults, Directive versus Supportive leadership..."


"You are a great Scout, we hope that you advance to the next rank, and we think that you'd be great as ... in your next role. "


The SM should, perhaps, be coaching him on leadership on a day to day (meeting to meeting) basis as normal procedure.

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Well, to put all my cards on the table, I am listening to how different folks handle this because our SM broached the subject to a few of us ASM's last month in relation to a life scout and his FB page.


Keeping this boy may have been one reason that some parents left and spun off a new troop. The kid has improved greatly over the years, but no doubt a few rough edges remain.


Anyway, we told the SM we'd back him however he wanted to handle it. Bounced around a few pro's and con's, and suggested he give our district advancement chair a call, just to be sure that whatever we do is consistent with how other troops in the neighborhood may have handled similar issues. And, we want the boy to have a chance to deal with it before he comes up for his EBOR.

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Here it is. The SM will talk to him. He is still out of town. The SM will request that he apologize. I understand that most of you think that the scout need not apologize but that is the SM's decision, he has his reasons. He has been in scouting 20 years. There have been threats of 3 adults taking there kids and leaving. He will talk to them and explain this course of action and if it does not satisfy them then they can walk.

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Sounds like the SM has his course of action set. As CC/COR, you need to decide if he's picked the right choice or not, and unless you think he's far enough off base to replace him, give him your 100% support.


Now, as CC/COR you also have another task to close out this little drama. What to do about the parents who raised such a ruckus. I've always subscribed to the rule that the SM/CM deals with the youths, and the CC deals with the adults. From the distance of the Internet, it appears these adults may (emphasis on may, I can't say for sure, you have to make that call) have been out of line in their behavior.


Whatever you do, please don't put the burden of dealing with the parents on your SM. It's enough that he has to talk to the SPL about this. The parents are your responsibility (unless they're ASMs, then let the SM decide if he wants to keep them or chuck them out the door on their expletive-deleteds). And if you think they're out of line, don't be too hesitant to let them know. Like other folks have said, adults need to meet some standards of behavior too. I know, it's not pleasant to think about confronting them, but then A Scout(er) is ... brave.


And Kudu's idea about Patton is brilliant.


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A meeting to be held Monday night. The SM has had to talk to several adults on this matter and he is ticked off. There is now talk about trying to remove the SM as well as me. This is getting out of hand to the point that I may have to approach the IH for his opinion. We are a large church and he has very little to do with the scouts.

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