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New 12th Edition Handbook

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I saw all the versions in our Scout shop (unwrapped and browse-able) and I wondered why anyone would spend the $$ on anything but the standard book or the spiral bound. The "library edition" seemed like a total waste and the hardcover wasn't all that impressive or usable. You already get the anniversary booklet with the normal or spiral book as well (for a limited time, I think).


My $.02, FWIW.

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Just picked up my copy today from the council store....


Sat in the truck for awhile, leafing through the pages....


I'm impressed. National really made an effort to showcase scouting through the decades, and it's darn good.


Got a chuckle seeing some of the art work from "my" scout handbook, Eighth Edition, circa 1974, "New Scouting/let's throw out the baby, as well as the bathwater and tub." Can't recall anyone liking anything about that edition, aside from the complete requirements for all MBs. But it was a good chuckle, brought back memories.


PS Tie a tie? I was one of two guys in basic training that knew how to tie a tie.


So every time the uniform of the day was a combo that required a tie, my buddy and I would face a line of 50 other Airmen, and the two of us would tie them all, each around the owner's neck (couldn't do the old tie-once-and-slip-off method in basic).


It's a good skill, eh what?!(This message has been edited by desertrat77)

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I'm from the 1965 edition, which was a minor update and recover of the 1959 edition.


I see no problem with rank oriented skills. It worked 40 years ago.


IIRC, back in 1964 or so, tying my tie was a WOLF REQIREMENT, not an elective. I kept that book for many years, until tying a tie became second nature.

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Picked up my copy yesterday.


As I leafed through I found it very readable.


The acid test will be on this weekends campout. I am going to use an old Webelos Den Leader trick and leave the new Handbook out at camp. It will be interesting to see who picks up and for how long. What comments they make about it. ... Perhaps I will leave it on the seat on the ride to camp. This months trip is about an hour or so.



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I'm looking forward to seeing this. The last one had TOO MANY pictures/illustrations/images---this sucked up valuable page space, knocking out real content.


I know we live in a world of images, but the handbook really IS a reference book, at the end of the day.


Binding was bad, too tight; there wasn't enough page margin and text seemed to run right into the binding.


Needs the requirements for at least the required MBs in there, too, IMHO.

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Just picked up a copy at our Scout Shop. Looks like a vast improvement over 11th edition. This one has a sense of tradition that incorporates art from previous editions yet it is also very contemporary. Lots of links to web resources. Nicely organized.


I like the coil binding ($14.99) but I wonder how it will hold up in the hands of an active 11 or 12 year old. The standard binding might be a better choice for them.


I have to disagree with Mr. Boyce on the MB requirements. They change too quickly and it always bothers me when the current rank requirements do not match what is in the Handbook. Personally, I don't even use the Requirements book all that much anymore; I just go to the BSA website. OK, that doesn't work so well in camp although I suspect there is now an iPhone app for that.





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