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no this thread is about bob once agene geting the last word. its not that I have a problem with him I like reading bobs posts, he seems to know his stuff and he and I tend to agree. the only criticizing thing I could say is that sometimes it is a bit agrivating when people go completly off topic to get the last word, or are less than frendly about geting the last word and wind up just pissing someone off.


and im talking about all of us not just bob. so no I do not like this thread it makes me angry that someone would care how many times they got the last word, what are we all ten and need the validation of knowing that we were the best?



anyways have fun ripping this apart. ready go...whos guna get the last word on this one?

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Perception often clouds facts.


Bob, I offer you these observations; ignore them, disagree with them, or take them as food for thought, doesn't really matter much to me.


1. I think the *perception* of the last word comes from your posts often sounding like you are presenting yourself as the "final authority". I often get that impression, and I think other people do to. While I would hazard to guess that's not how they are intended, that is the perception.


2. Threads started by you often come off sounding like pedantic lectures, not "discussion starters". Again, this is my perception, but I think it is shared by others. And again, probably not what you intend, but that's how they come off sounding. And when there is a perception of lack of interest in actual discussion, then that "last word" perception is going to go with it.


(edited to fixed typo)(This message has been edited by Dankroh)

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true, I do have that right. I guess this thead just came off a bit cocky, in my I opinon it shouldent be about having the last word, more about geting the correct answer to the question asked. I guess its the phrase "I got the last word" that kinda turned me off to this from the start. an arguments an argument but I could care less who gets the last word as long as the issue is finished

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"What is the purpose of this thread? "

I can't help but wonder what the purpose of any thread is?

I don't remember seeing any rule that says threads have to have a purpose.


I'm kinda guessing that I might have made it on to the top five list.

I really couldn't care less one way or the other.

If everyone was in some way afraid of being the the person with the last word? No one would ever start a thread.


There are foods that I don't like (Hard boiled eggs, Peanut-Butter and Brussels Sprouts) I really dislike them, so I choose to not have anything to do with them.

There have been forum members who for one reason or another I have chose not to have anything to do with.

I'm OK with not always providing someone with a reply. (As has happened already in this thread) I can ignore statements and other forum members.

I for one don't really give a hoot if some people choose to by-pass my wise words of wisdom or ignore me completely.

I don't have a PhD in Scouting, in fact my only real qualifications are that I have been around for a while, there is a chance that for all this time I might have or could be doing things all wrong?

I like to think that I'm entitled to my opinion and I'm willing to share it with others; what others do with it? Is beyond my control.

Some forum members do provide "The Book Answer".

I'm happy that they do.

Sometimes even the "Book Answer" can be a matter of interpretation, which can be discussed.

A lot of times when someone interprets or sees things in a different way or light than maybe I have? I'm left thinking:

1/ Are they really right?

2/ How come I have been wrong for so long?

3/ Are they just looking for loop holes or trying to pick holes?.

What happens next is entirely up to me.

1/ I suppose I could be nasty and inform them that I'm right and not only are they wrong, but they are a twit for being wrong.

2/ I could with great respect explain why I see things differently than they do.

3/I can opt to ignore it all.

Many of us have our own little Pet Peeves. Subjects that for some reason put us on our own high horse.

I'm not happy with Troop Rules and By-laws.

However I do see how some unit leaders might want to use them. At the same time I might be thinking that having a long list of these rules to my mind shows a lack of understanding of the Scout Oath and Law? Every now and then I'm guilty of letting loose and saying what I really feel. Most times (I hope!!) I'm happy to let someone else explain this to them. If no one does? I'm OK with not going there.


For the record.

There are times when some of us do come on "A bit strong" Or maybe "Over the top". This is a matter of style.

Bob White does seem to get accused of this a lot!

I have met "Bob White". I spent some time with him at the last National Jamboree.

He is really a very nice fellow, he was doing an outstanding job at the Jamboree.

The area he was in did have an element of danger and risk involved. He was doing a great job of keeping the several hundred Scouts in that area safe, he did so in a friendly way, which was a wonderful example of true leadership to the youth and adults in that area.

No he didn't have any rule books hidden on his person (At least from what I could see!!) He didn't put anyone down!!

I came away thinking, what a nice guy he was.

I would feel it would be a privilege, if I ever had the opportunity to work along side of him.

We both have very different styles of talking (He lacks the accent!!) I kinda think we have different ways of getting to where we hope to go, but I'm sure at the end of the day we are both heading in the same direction and working toward the same goal.

This will be my last word in this thread.



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If being the leader in getting the last word on threads in this forum is something you are guilty of, don't lose any sleep over it my friend. There are many things of far greater importance.


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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Threads started by you often come off sounding like pedantic lectures,


An interesting perception but again not supported by the facts. In fact all year (and with the hundreds of threads that have been started this year), I have only started about 9 threads (excluding this one). If you look at those 9 you will see that most are about some positive activity done by scouts. Except for one other thread in which I defended myself against more unmoderated personal attacks, I started the threads as open discussion. I welcome you to go back and see for yourself.


So again your judgement is based on a feeling rather than on the facts.


I have never presented my opinion as the final authority, I have presented the BSA as the final authority on several occasions, and some leaders take personal offense to the dicrepancies between what the BSA resources say and what they do. That is not my fault.


If my responses are incorrect then show me the evidence to support the opinion or feeling. Often times the best response some posters give is "uh-uh your wrong" and that is a weak and uninformed method of discussion.


I have been mistaken a few times and have admitted the error, an attribute not widely practiced by some posters on this forum. I am not asking that posters agree with the contents of what I post, just to have the ability to debate the subject maturely and with actual documentation, rather than attack me personally for their lack of a knowledgeable response on the topic.


When moderators attack posters because of personal feelings rather than the rules of the forum...well that is hardly being moderate.



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I enjoy reading Bob's posts. I think that since he has a broad background in scouting, he has a lot of factual advice for the topics in the forum. There are a lot of conversation styles and a lot of opinions, but that is just part of having a lot of different people on the forum. The only time the 'Last Word' would be a bad thing, IMHO, would be if someone made a post and then closed the topic for further posts.


I don't think that every topic is going to make every unit conform, but I think the shared ideas will make many scouters think that there might be a better way.


Keep of the great source of information for those who are here to learn more about how to be a good scouter!


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now dont get me wrong here bob, I like you I will read somthing you post even when the toic doesnt peek my intrest, you have a good point of veiw. its true though you do come off as trying to be the final athourity alot. and sometimes you do miss the point, although I think I do that alot to. for example dan used the word perception 7times in his post but for some reason even though he made it clear that he was not going on facts he still got shot down on the basis of facts.


fealing have alot to do with the way you sound to, and I dont meen yours. it is easy to dumb after reading one of your posts you use a lot of facts and normaly go way above and beond in your replys. I think this is what sometimes can turn people agenst you.


but its good that your better at kickin ass then kissin it.


just one mans opinion, take it or leave it.


dont change we need people like you here nomatter what others say.



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"I have been mistaken a few times and have admitted the error, an attribute not widely practiced by some posters on this forum. I am not asking that posters agree with the contents of what I post, just to have the ability to debate the subject maturely and with actual documentation, rather than attack me personally for their lack of a knowledgeable response on the topic."


I'm sorry, but this is simply not consistent with the discussion style you have typically exhibited here. Perhaps you are just unaware of how it reads, and perhaps it is different from your conversational style in person. Indeed, just look at the last phrase of the quote above from your post. This is hardly the way to mend fences with those who disagree with you. As an example, I just read your post in the "Wearing the Uniform" thread. Your advice there is OK by me. So why was it necessary for you to include a shot at me in that response? That's the kind of thing that annoys people, and it's just unfriendly.(This message has been edited by Hunt)

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I am sorry if you had the mistaken impression that I was out to mend fences.


My point if you want to use the fence anology is that some posters have mistaken a broken fence for being mine, when in fact it is in someone else's yard. And while I would be happy to help if asked, your broken fence is not my fault.

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