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  1. as much as I hate fos presentations, let us not forget lisabob that the united way just this week cut $25,000 in funding to the scouts in our county. so sadly I think we will all be dealing with a lot more fos bull. I also found it interesting that in the last 5 years we have been receiving $25,000 a year, as the girl scouts have been getting $40,000. whats up with that?
  2. I have never asked to be rembursed for fuel but with prices now over 4 bucks its geting kinda hard. a boy pays $30 to go on a campout. then I spend $85 geting him to and from camp, plus I normaly pull the trailer. I wont stop camping but its geting pricey
  3. Well our new DE started on the 5th, I think that this being her first job will help her as she has no preconceptions and hopefully will be able to adapt to how bowersox runs his office. I also think that this new hire will hopefully help the venturing program as this new DE is of the female persuasion. Although she does have a hard road ahead of her because this council has a long history of new DEs only lasting a couple months and the job she is filling was last held by a long standing scouting veteran and senior DE in the office. All I can say is good luck to her and look forwa
  4. I my self am trained and encourage all to attend and take training to heart. however in this case lets keep the line were it belongs. as moraly correct as this all sounds, and as much as I agree with you. It is Opinion. training although it may be good and needed in cases is not a requirement or standard for any type of insurance or liability protection. and again maybe I'm wrong? but thats what all of this seems to point to.
  5. its true I have spent some time in the up. thanks for the support beav and I think your right its all going to come down to how much the guys really want to do. I'm willing to follow them any were. lisabob: common miss information on the pot trail. the potowatomi is a 17 mile loop waterloo-pinkney is a 36 mile straight shot between the headquarters of the two parks. also there are around 15 miles of other trails in the pinkney rec. all trails easily accessed from Camp munhacke of the great salk trail.
  6. a GOAL, yes its true I can not spell should have spell checked. typed it to fast. our troop is currently looking at starting a venture patrol to try to keep our older scouts involved. there is intrest from the boys and one GOAL I would have IS to LET them plan the events themselfs.
  7. "or not attending the related training" my question still remains. is that in the policy or is it opinion?
  8. ahhh see that makes so much more sense. I apoligize for goin off on you there, spellings not always my strong suit. but yes the goal is to have them plan the events themselfs. curently in the troop the boys tell the camping chair were they want to go and then he makes the reservations and the boys plan the outing. what I want for this project is to have the boys do it all, in hopes that we can carry that over to the troop level to remove the adult from the equation.
  9. I highly disagree with the actions of this troop but dont you think you over simplifying just a bit. I think or well atleast I hope that they see the bigger picture now. not sure how dissbanding is going to help anyone.
  10. the gole as oge put it, would be to get some of our older scouts 16 and above to attend our monday night meetings. we find that after a scout gets his eagle we see them less and less. so the gole would be to have somthng to peek the older boys intrest in scouting agen and have something for the younger boys to look forward to. that is how it was relayed to me from our sm. my goal for the program is more simple. I love to camp, and I find that sometimes we ask alot of our older boys in the teaching role. my reason for signing on to this was to give the guys a few campouts a year where they
  11. yes I know about venture crews but no thats not what Im talking about, we have lost some boys to crews and I myself was a member of a crew for a time. but what the spls Idea that he has asked us adults to help him with are just sepret weekend outings for the older members of the troop. with a focas on more adventurus activitys from the car camping we do with the troop. I know there are other troops out there doing this as I have had several of you camp at my scout camp. dont get me wrong im still not sure how I feal about this type of a program in that the proper thing for these boys
  12. thats true bob, there is a diffrence and thats what I like about the bsa policy. just becuse you are wearing the uniform does not mean you are automaticly coverd. some people tend to forget that. and as far as training being a large part of due diligence I have to strongly agree but for refrince, is that policy or opinion?
  13. our troop is currently looking at starting a venture patrol to try to keep our older scouts involved. there is intrest from the boys and one gole I would have it to have them plan the events themselfs. but on that same note, what types of activitys are your venture patrols doing. we are looking to avoid the national high adventure activitys to keep them open for all of our scouts. rather we are looking for weekend campouts in the michagin and the surounding area.
  14. carl is a geat guy and it is good to hear that he is doing well, just as an update on camp teetonkah for the rest of the story. Im not sure where budget cut idea came from as we hired a new full time rangerlast augest 8 months after carl was let go. the yearly camp usege has incresed ten fold, improvments have been made. a first class program and trail to eagle workshop was held last summer and a full scale boy scout summer camp is in the works for the 2010 camping season.
  15. and I know it depends on a lot of things, but your telling me that there is no base pay, then more money based on experience?
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