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A number of posters including a moderator have inferred that the last word in a thread is most often offered up by me.


As with the response to many of my posts on the forum I feel that it is more a matter of unsupported opinion than actual fact. So on a lark I looked at the last 15 pists in threads under 7 different topic areas on the forum.


So thats 105 threads I looked at. So who in fact has the last word most often?


And what does it matter anyway since no one ever knows for sure if their post will be last or not? I don't know the answer to that question because I am not the one who thinks it is an issue, nor do I believe it is a reasonable point to criticize someone for.


So as of 7:35PM central time tonight, which us do you think has the last word the most often out of 105 threads.



(by the way I came in tied for 6th with 2 other posters. the top 5 posters most frequently having the last word can be found on over 27% of those posts.)


(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

I really don't care who has the last word.


I enjoy the exchange of ideas. (Most of the time!!)

Very often the views of others do make me think about where I stand on on something and at times I do rethink where I was coming from.

Sometimes I just think that I'm right!!

Most times I'm happy to agree to disagree.

This lack of agreement just means that we don't agree, it in no makes makes me better than the person I agree or disagree with or makes them into a bad person or bad Scouter.

I hate when a thread is closed, even though I have closed a couple. In some ways a closed thread seems to me to say that we are not discussing but have gone into the realm of argument or maybe even "One-up-man-ship (is there such a word?)

While I do enjoy being a forum member. I'm not sure that the forum has any real power or does really effect the way people go about doing what they do.

Threads about uniform for example, do seem to take up a lot of space. But I kinda think that the Troop that is happy to go with just the uniform shirt is going to remain happy just going with the uniform shirt, no matter what is posted in this forum.

At times we do tend to go so far out there (Threads about Native American, handicapped, Muslim Scouts not wearing uniforms to Eagle Scout BOR'S -joke!!) That it is almost funny.

I'm happy that we have forum members like FScouter and Bob White who do seem to have all the reference books close to hand.

I enjoy reading Eaglescoutdad? (Barry) and his take on things. I have a hard time understanding what the heck one member is saying thanks in part to me being from where I'm from and him not writing in the Queens English, but I can get passed that.

packsaddle and OGE do tend to make me smile.

Lisabob reminds me of myself about ten or fifteen years back.

Sure there are times when I rise to the bait.

But I'm happy to leave the last word to the person who posts last.



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I agree completely. Unfortunately some other posters, including a moderator have implied that the title is mine and that there is indeed something wrong with having the last word. You would think that at least one of the 5 posters with the most last word posts would be catching flack before me wouldn't you?


But has anyone criticized you for getting in the last word?

(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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It didn't take that much time to do, but yes learning the facts takes a little longer than making things up or simply creating an opinion without having be bothered by facts.


The fact is that while some posters choose to make up things regarding my posts, the actual facts do not support their statements.


Proving that was worth a few minutes of learning.


Two of the top five have already posted replies here. Yet I do not recall ever seeing them criticized for actually doing what I was improperly accused of. I find that interesting.


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OK Bob. Since you have gleaned all this data, pray tell us who the top five are! Heck, give us the top 10! We (well most) are adults here! We can take it! Inquiring minds want to know!


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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Bob White, Chill out, man! (heh, heh, my mother-in-law really hates it when I say that)

But really, I've had that 'last word' thing flung at me several times in the past. Big deal. It is a cheap way for someone to try to cut off your message without addressing the idea. And it is evidence that the flinger has little or no merit to their own ideas.

My students do the same thing by rolling their eyes and saying, 'what-ev-er!'. You need to develop a little thicker skin if that kind of thing gets under it. Let it roll off your back.

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Not a pity post at all. As I said I think criticizing people for having the last word is ridiculous and should not be an issue and certainly should not be a criticism from a moderator.


And if posters and moderators insist on criticizing posters who have the last word then they should at least be attacking the right people.


Packsaddle, the difference between your situation and mine is that you are one of the posters who at the time had the most "last word" posts and I was not. And I disagree that I need thicker skin, perhaps others need a closer association with facts.(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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