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Boy Scout Video Game--An Excercise

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So, what would you like to see in a Boy Scout Video Game? You know, one in which a fully uniformed scout (and his buddy) swim rivers, climb mountains, provide first aid to drive by shooting victims, start fires without matches, plan a camporee (ala the Sims) clean up waterways, contruct a monket bridge and all manner of things scouty!


Sort of an If you Cant beat them, join them

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Interesting idea, but how do you make it interesting without drive by shooting, fast car chases, or zombies? Might be better to design as a Wii game so it is more interactive and social. Grab a possum, roll him up, and bowl over critters trying to steal your food in camp?


Steve B

Scoutmaster, Troop 68, CMC

http://melrosetroop68.org/blog.html(This message has been edited by stevejb)

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I think that stevejb's Boy Scout videos that we watched on Youtube last week celebrating BSA's 98th anniversary had some great ideas, especially where those 2 Boy Scouts tried to help an old lady cross what we thought was going to be the street but really turned out to be a raging river that they all crossed on a zip line.


When they finished crossing, the old lady told the scouts that she had forgotten her purse back at the beginning of the crossing. It was classic! Whoever thought up that commercial was truly inspired ;).

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I think you should be able to incorporate Capture the Flag with night-vision goggles into the video. Shooting sports would also be good, such as rifle, shotgun, and archery segments.


I would also brainstorm some high adventure base activities for ideas such as those available at Philmont (spar pole climbing, burro racing, find the lost Boy Scout, etc.), Seabase (navigating through Florida's tropical storms and coral reefs, deep sea fishing--including reeling in that big dolphin fish before the sharks get it, etc.), and Northern Tier (the fine arts of portaging, dodging mosquitos, black flies, black bears, etc.).


None of these should require drive-by shootings, fast car chases, zombies, or other unscout-like activities.

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I like the Capture the flag idea. That would be similar to a football game. Avoid the other players, save your team mates. Maybe an option for day or night games, and various types of terrains.


The shooting sports would make for other great aspects of the game. Fishing could be easily part of the game.


Maybe it could done it a style similar to Thrillville, but instead of going around an amazement park, a player would go around a jamboree, participating in various mini games.

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Video games won't replace the real thing. But maybe on those cold winter days or rainy days it may re-enforce what our Scouts have learned.


How about a portion with Shotgun shooting. The clay targets can increase from one, then two, then multiple. Launching across and away from the shooter, to launching across and towards the shooter.


With today's technology, it can show a miss, to barely clipping a clay target (watching it wobble across the screen) to blowing the clay target to dust.


Maybe a merit badge jeopardy-style to accumulate points. or a virtual Kim's game.


How about an action archery, (like a first person shooter game) running thru a course with an archery set and shooting swinging milk jugs, with the "flu-flu" or rubber tipped arrows.


Maybe a Wii game, with a mile swim? That should tire out some energetic Scouts before bed.


I wonder if there is anyway to practice tying knots in a video game.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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