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Go to the BSA website and follow the links...




If you sign up, you will be given satellite images of the search area to inspect for signs of wreckage. If you see something, you flag the image and the search coordinators are notified. Pretty cool.


Just got my latest issue of Eagletter yesterday, the national magazine of NESA. Inside the front cover was a letter from Steve, the incoming President of NESA. Obviously printed before he went missing.

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More than 250 planes that crashed over US land have never been found - but a team of volunteer detectives is on the case.

Robert Hyman, a mountaineer and explorer, was hosting a party at his home in Washington, DC.

It was December 2007, three months after the multi-millionaire Steve Fossett went missing over the Nevada / California border.

Despite a huge search, Fossett's plane and body had not been found.

For Robert, it didn't sit well. The military don't leave people behind, he thought. Neither do Boy Scouts. So, he said those six words.

Explorers don't leave other explorers behind.

At the same time, Lew Toulmin, another member of the Explorers Club, was walking past.

"When I heard it, it clicked with me," says Lew. "I made a left-turn, right into the group, and said: 'Yes!'"

And that, in a DC house party, is how the Missing Aircraft Search Team (M.A.S.T) began.


Fascinating story and video at source link:



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Wow, a thread with two posts, more than 10 years apart.

The one I wonder about (besides Amelia Earhart) is Hale Boggs.  But you have to be, in the words of one of our younger posters recently, "old" to remember him and his disappearance.

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20 minutes ago, Stosh said:

Aha!  Jimmy Hoffa was on an airplane... That's the only explanation.

Everybody knows Jimmy Hoffa is buried under one of the end zones at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (regardless of whether it's true or not.)  The stadium was under construction when he disappeared, so it's not completely impossible, and New Jersey being New Jersey...  But anyway, Giants Stadium was demolished in 2010, so if he really was buried there and was not "relocated" when the stadium was torn down, he would be now be under the parking lot for Met Life Stadium.

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