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Let's make a list of the Top Ten things that could, should or would be fixed in Scouting to make it one great program.


I will start.


Every Troop should have a friendly Unit Commissioner other than just me.


Every Pack should have access to an unbiased Pine Wood Derby track with officials that travel with it on a bus.


Cub Scouts should learn more about what it means to just do your best. How else can one explain that only one person wins a derby?


Every unit should have an interested CO instead of the other way around.


One parent from each family should be involved with a unit activity. Just driving a patrol to one campout does not count.


Any patrol that wants a Chuck box, must build it and good luck.


All Eagle Scouts should give a five minute speech before the entire school on the benefits of Scouting, Ouch!


There should be a National SM conference held once per year for a week in a great location for thousands to enjoy. ASMs would be welcome also.


One program I would like to see installed is a virtual interactive Roundtable and training sessions. A person would sign up for it and then get credit without leaving the house. Theoretically it could be completed only in your underwear for those that find the uniform uncomfortable.


I believe that Being Square is still a good idea. One doesn't roll down hill so easily.



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Great start Fuzzy


How about all SM's and ASM's must be fully trained, including Woodbadge in the first year or be drummed out as incompetent leaders who do not understand the program eliminating "all those leaders who do not follow the program."


All Boy Scouts who do not make First Class in the first year be kicked out of scouting "since they will never make Eagle anyhow and will just disrupt the troop."


All new leaders will be given a virtual troop,pack, or den for six months and their actions will be monitored online by those who are "experts in scouting" and pass with at least a score of 95% before they are given any live boys to work with. Those with less than 95% will be directed to 4H, YMCA, Girl Scouts so they can screw up those groups instead of the BSA.


If your units membership drops below 100% a commissioner or DE will come to your next meeting and rip off your badge of office from your uniform in front of your boys and select another leader for the group using "all that special knowledge that only they possess."



It is sad that there are some who would think these ideas would actually improve scouting.

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I think a sense of humor should be required by all adult leaders. After all, we are in charge of kids & anything can happen!


One more thing. Hot dogs are banned!


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10(This message has been edited by evmori)

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Backpacker, Good Ones! :)

A bit of hyperbole never hurt any discussion, except maybe among those where they might hit home a bit too much :)


evmori, banning hot dogs? Isn't that one of the major food groups? Along with Slim Jims?


Ok, here's my thought on something that could improve Scouting...


Make Scouting open to all, regardless of their belief system.


Add Troop Program Features that recognize 21st century interests, as well as historical ones. Something like "Internet Survival"


BTW, Fuzzy, good list. I especially like the PWD entries, something that I participated in with my son, and organized for my pack, for a number of years. Always was hard to keep every one on the "just have fun" track.



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Fuzzy Bear suggested that all leaders have to have fun in a Scout program at least once/month.


I like that one best of all made so far.


Too often, I think we get caught up in Scout related stuff so much that we can neglect the importance of having fun on Scout activities. Having fund ourselves might remind us of that.


I was reminded of that last night when I had a conference with my Assistant Commissioner, my boss as Unit Commissioner for a struggling Scout Troop I work with. After listening to my stories of strengths and weaknesses of the troop, she prescribed more fun and fun activities.


I think she's right. Too often, the fun has been squeezed out of troop activities in favor of advancement, or uniforming, or competition at Camporee or other considerations.


She suggested we set up an annual planning session with a barbeque or lunch as a fun activitty for adults, and said she attend to point us in good activity directions which would give a priority to having fun.


Good call I think ---and good intervention by district staff.




Seattle Pioneer





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Dear volunteer:


You guys aren't having any fun. I recommend that you set up a committee to plan an afternoon BBQ. Select three weekends at a park shelter or your church picnic area where we can handle 30-50 people. Have the meal plan, budget, proposed dates and activities ready for committee review six weeks before hand. Arrange for volunteers to set up, cook and take down. Also call Bill's bread to see if he will donate several loaves as we are on a tight budget. Please schedule and obtain the needed equipment for 4-5 really cool family activities. Otherwise the kids just run around and scream.


I wish I could help but I am very busy with the upcoming JLT as well as being on Woodbadge staff this year.


Unit Commissioner


I love these things so make sure you let me know when so I can attend.



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Scouts who do not go to at least 75% of all service projects in the Troop are not allowed to uhh... do something fun. And they shall be shunned by all and regarded as an exile until such a time that they atone for their misdeeds.


Cub Packs/Dens should be 100% allowed to attend, stay at and enjoy Boy Scout events if aforementioned Boy Scout Patrol/Troop/Council/Lodge permits it.


The term 'banned skits' will be forever banned forthwith from all Scouting Events. Especially Council Camporees.


Senior Patrol Leaders shall be granted the divine ability to 'ban people from talking' for the rest of the day. Such a person that would be deserving of a punishment of that magnitude would find himself miraculously unable to speak for extended periods of time. The Senior Patrol Leader can lift this ban, and I guess that Scoutmaster probably could too. This might lead to an SPL Immobilizing Attack of Doom or something....


Any scout found with an electronic device at summer camp will be given KP F O R E V E R . Muahahahahahaha....


Any Scouter found with an electronic device will be given a date to come to the scout meeting dressed out of uniform and with the foreknowledge of getting wet.


And now in all seriousness:


District invovement: If a district sees that a unit is not doing many activities and/or straggling with crossovers/recruits, they should help out and get the unit back on their feet. The smallest amount of encouragement could help a ton.


Yea... no banned skits. I'm serious.(This message has been edited by wWw_Dan)

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A Disclaimer!!!


All of my suggestions in my previous post were meant in jest, as most of you surmised. To the one person who took exception all I can say is sometimes you need to lighten up in life and not take everything so seriously. After all, the acorn rarely falls far from the tree.

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It is incredibly sad to think that there are scouts who are trapped in a local unit program where adults have to "plan" to have fun one time a month. You don't have fun at troop meetings? You don't enjoy seeing scouts, learn or grow? Outings are so much work that they are not fun?


If you haven't made the scouting process fun at every meeting or event and have gotten to the point where you have to schedule in fun...then you are not doing it right.


And the scouts pay a much higher price for your inability to enjoy the program than you do.


The acorn may not fall far from the tree...but have you ever considered that it was just tired of hanging around so many nuts(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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