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Covid Neckerchief Mask Bandana

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Wasn’t quite sure where to put this, but wanted to share something I made to celebrate our first in-person Troop meeting since the first of March. 

Plague Doctor neckerchief. 😆



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What a strange image, right?  Who came up with this idea during the plague?  Someone sadistic, I’m sure. “Let’s scare the plague out of the patient.”  😂

These went over so well that I have to buy more fabric and do another batch, and the SM said he “sees a t-shirt in our future”.

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Charles de Lorme, a French medical doctor, is credited with the invention of the medico della peste costume worn by plague doctors in Europe's lazarettos in the 17th century. The costume included a beak filled with perfumes and hat and vestments made of Levantine leather, all intended to prevent a doctor from becoming ill with bubonic plague when visiting sick patients in quarantine.

So the medico della peste was the PPE of that time :laugh:


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