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On 4/1/2020 at 10:00 AM, ianwilkins said:

I believe in countries where the left hand is used instead of toilet paper the tradition of using the left hand to shake the hand of a fellow scout never caught on.


They don't wipe with their hands... smh😞

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On 3/31/2020 at 10:19 PM, HelpfulTracks said:

So with the Coronavirus/Covid-19 changing our country and the world on a daily and hourly basis, I expect we will see a great deal of permanent cultural changes in most societies in the near future.

Among them I expect to see the handshake becoming near taboo, including the Scout handshake, and thereby the OA handshake.

The left handed handshake and clasp are such an identifiable part of Scouting worldwide that it is hard to imagine it going away, but unfortunately I think it will. 

What method of greeting and respect, that would be unique to Scouting, could we adopt to take its place?

With Scout Sunday approaching, I have been giving this more thought.

Personally, I have always preferred a more meaningful, less odd "right-hand" shake over a "left-hand, Scout handshake" as the former is not only a sign of friendship but also can be a giving your word (a contract?) with a firm grip from your strong arm. But alas covid...

Perhaps the Scout sign with a Scout smile should now be used.

A greeting of friendship, peace, trustworthiness, and helpfulness...

My $0.02,

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This type of conversation seems trite to me.  IF the original shake, the one suggested by B.P. is not for you, that is your choice.  And the possible story behind the choice by B.P., the one from meeting with an African chief is to be accepted, then it has a place.  Ultimately, just like the saluting of Scoutmasters and other leaders that was common at one time, things go by the wayside or get altered to newer concepts or ways.  Tradition has its place.  Ultimately, we may want to keep the idea of the shake in view, whether or not we choose to use it.  JMHO

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I use the left as often as I can.  Esp. for scout stuff.  As mentioned, on successful BOR, after a SM conf, any time a Scout approaches me as a Scout and I want to say "Great encounter".  All leaders line up at COH and congratulate the Scouts as the come up and use the handshake.  Thanks to covid, the left handed fist bump will often serve as a faster and more casual version in our unit now.  You'll see that a lot for things like when a patrol pulls off an especially great dinner, lots of left handed fist bumping in celebration.

It's nothing to be super hardcore about, but I think this scout-scout greeting is still a relevant part of our interactions.

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