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Substance Abuse training from pharmacy university (IL)

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Recognizing the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy’s (SOP) ability and desire to serve the public, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) requested a partnership initiative to address the growing epidemic of opioid abuse among adolescents.


“There are national resources available to educate youth on the dangers of prescription and over-the-counter abuse, but many agencies and organizations are at a loss as to how to address the issues,” Herndon said. “This program incorporates activities for troop leaders to discuss with their scouts, and has the potential to educate thousands of scouts and troop leaders.”

The training modules will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete in total at different times and will be coordinated with BSA den meetings. A facilitator’s handbook is available for den leaders, parents or pharmacy students to lead den meetings and provide the education to the scouts. Facilitators will learn how to create an atmosphere in the meeting to promote discussion about social/legal consequences of drug abuse. They will engage in a game to help further the discussion in a face-to-face manner.


more details at source:


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1 hour ago, Liz said:

Den leaders? Are they actually targeting this to cub scouts? The article says 5th through 8th grade. With dens. 🤷‍♀️

I hate how sloppy journalism is. 

We'll, I learned the names (generic and street) of common drugs in 4th grade science class. It's about the right age.

I'm just wondering why have a den do something that a school should be doing?

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I don't have any objection to teaching things to 4th graders, but only a tiny percentage of 5th to 8th graders are in cub scouts. And I'm not sure I'd go into details about addiction that young, mainly because I don't think kids that age have enough frame of reference to understand and therefore pay attention and retain the information. 

"Drugs, bad; don't take any drugs your doctor doesn't prescribe specifically for you" is a good lesson at any age. 

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Though it's been awhile since I was a cub (early 70s), I received very detailed, realistic substance prevention training in elementary school.  It was provided by Department of Defense Schools as we were stationed in Panama.

Our den also had a field trip to the Balboa Heights Police Department in the Canal Zone, where the detectives talked to us about drug abuse, arrests, and other consequences.

They didn't dumb it down for us.  It made quite an impact on me.  I can still picture the detectives chatting informally with us in the squad room for about 30 minutes.  No slides, no slogans, no gimmicks, no drama.  Just a couple of great detectives sharing their perspectives with us and answering questions. 

Present day, I believe the cubs can handle straightforward instruction.  The earlier they learn, the better.  By junior high and high school, many will already have tried drugs or at least have their attitudes influenced by the world around them. 

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