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Many at the virtual campfire are rallying behind you.  It is going to be tough, but the reward is that those left in your charge will get the program delivered correctly.  Those that leave won't or can't see the dysfunction, and trying to but heads with them isn't productive or setting the right example for your Scouts.  

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The troop committee does not have the authority to replace you as scoutmaster.  That is not their job. Officially only the COR has this authority.  That being said my advice is as follows: GET OU

BTW - can we once and for all recognize: The BSA makes very clear that within a unit, the Scoutmaster has the final say on advancement. District Volunteers can not overrule unit level vo

A short update:  The Chartering Organization removed from the committee the two parents causing trouble in my troop. Ideally, intense conflict resolution with a professional would have been bette

We had a similar situation occur a number of years ago when two brand new parents did not like the way the troop operated and left to start their own troop.  We lost about ten scouts.  However, we gritted it out and prospered and grew.  The new troop had problems right from the start, a lot of internal dissension, and folded after two years.  Some of the scouts came back to us and said that leaving was the worst decision they ever made.  So keep up the good work and things will get better!



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