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56 minutes ago, WolfDenRulz said:

I wish more Scouts promoted this.

Like a lot of things in scouting, it's often a matter of opportunity.

When I was a scout, my troop was chartered by a school PTA. The CO didn't care about religious emblems and nobody in the troop really talked them up. Some scouts kind of sort of knew they were out there, but I don't recall a single one of my friends earning one.

My son's troop is chartered by a catholic church. The COR cares a lot about religion and duty to God. The CC and SM (and about 50% of the adult leadership corps) are members of the chartering parish. As a result, not a year goes by that an adult doesn't step forward and offer to lead a religious emblems class. My son earned his religious emblem in the troop. So did a lot of his friends. 

The difference is simply opportunity.  If the religious emblems are important to the scouts in a troop and to the adult leadership, they will happen.

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