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  1. when was the Gettysburg trail award founded? before 1985?
  2. are parent rank pins allowed on the bsa uniform for adult leaders? my daughter is a 2nd class scout and I thought i'd represent her. I am an assistant scoutmaster and wanted to know if the parent pins were allowed. thanks. --rick
  3. our new troop (an all-girl troop) just had its first court of honor (coh). by far, this was probably the worst coh I have been tied to. the average amount of time a coh honor should last should be about an hour and a half or until the scouts get tired (at least enough time for one to enjoy themselves); about the same size as a usual scout meeting. I am an assistant scoutmaster (as) in this unit and I tried to find out from my scoutmaster (sm) what he had planned for the coh. he didn't want to tell me anything. once I clarified to him that I was willing to help prepare the coh (based upon my ex
  4. my unit recently completed a historic trails activity and earned a patch in the process. can it go on the uniform, and, if so where? I think it can go above the bsa-name patch on the uniform, right?
  5. how many merit badges does a scout need to start attain before putting them on his/her sash?
  6. what is the best way to measure a scout for a merit badge sash, besides having them there to try them on?
  7. are adult leaders supposed to be wearing the "scoutmaster merit badge"?
  8. are adult leaders supposed to be wearing merit badge college patches; I thought they might only be for the scouts?
  9. I notice some of the adults in my daughter's scout troop wear patrol patches from previous scouts units they've been involved in. I am an asst. scoutmaster in my daughter's unit and they're about to get their patrol patch for the 1st time--they're a new troop. am I supposed to wear the patrol patch as well?
  10. what year was the religious emblem square knot (purple on silver) established? was it before 1991?
  11. I am interested in doing wood badge and also ding the outdoor leadership training for my growth as an assistant scoutmaster--which one should I try to attain first?
  12. I was looking around on the internet and was surprised to see that the "red wool jac-shirt" is still an attainable item through bsa/ebay. that thing's been around since I was a scout in 1991 and probably way before. what is the story behind that shirt? it seems it's got a "Mountie-feel" going on, but there's bound to be some history.
  13. thanks everybody for your replies and comments
  14. thanks everybody for your replies
  15. while I was in the military (in 2005), the catholic archdiocese of military affairs asked a bunch of us soldiers to hop onboard several scouting activities to do field stuff with the scouts. after our time was up, catholic archdiocese of military affairs and catholic scouting organization gave us the "Adult Religious Service Award" knot as a thank you. they offered no paperwork and I have no physical proof of receiving the award [paperwork]. Personnel from the catholic archdiocese of military affairs have been promoted and moved onto better things. they have no record of issuing this to us, no
  16. I see some scouts wearing state flag patches under the American flag--texas is a good example>>>is this authorized?
  17. rickmay


    are assistant scoutmasters authorized to wear the troop's neckerchief? I wore mine in my old troop to set a uniform-standard for the scouts to follow after, but my new troops I am assisting in seems to look down on it.
  18. some of us Minnesota scouts like to show-off our Scandinavian heritage. is there any rule that says we cannot wear a Norwegian pin on our uniforms?
  19. are state flag patches allowed on the uniform, beneath the American flag? I see some states, like texas, doing and others not.
  20. My child is crazy-proud of her Scandinavian heritage and wants to wear a tiny "thor's hammer" pin on the uniform. Due to the changes in bsa based upon allowing neo-pagan elements to be allowed in bsa, I don't see this being an issue?
  21. rickmay

    knot-awards q

    I earned the "Youth Religious Emblem Award" through the Moravian church back in 1991. That was a long time ago. I thought once I earned it, I was good for wearing it. I tried to find the paperwork for it a few days ago and realized that, after 14 years in the army, that knot award paperwork is gone. The council/troop/church have no records going back to 1991 (and my scoutmaster from that time is dead). So am I screwed with wanting to wear it but not being able to prove that I earned it? My council makes it sound like I need to be able to "prove" I earned this award--especially since I am
  22. I see; thanks for the input.
  23. I keep seeing sanctioned boy scout stores that are selling 30's-80's era position patches. are these even authorized for wear on the current uniform? I think I have seen one person actually wearing one at a recent multi-troop court of honor (there was another guy also wearing a kilt, so what do I know?).
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