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Are all parents invited to troop comittee meetings? And who is allowed to vote?

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16 minutes ago, HashTagScouts said:

I agree with you that in true practice, most CO's are pretty much hands off as to program, but do understand they have some stake of the use of their facilities.  In the BSA's eyes, they tend to operate as though that is not the case.  Districts/councils should be concerned at least from the perspective of liability.   If an injury occurred at a troop meeting in the church basement, for example, you can bet that the BSA insurance is not going to pay if another third party has coverage that could pay (the church) under a subrogation clause.   

You are absolutely correct.  That is a concern with many of the COs that we currently have.  They are not involved though BSA pretends they have strong control and oversight.  

My comment is for this specific situation.  The original poster has a hard situation.  Though the original poster should be slightly concerned about the CO situation, it's really not really a direct cause.  It's a complexity and a resource he won't have to leverage.  But the original poster's CO situation is fairly common and I'd bet many units in his district / council are in a similar situation.

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Hi @rubixcube, As a former Troop Committee Chair - I'll add my .02 here. It sounds like you've got a troop that has been run by a certain group of Scouters for a very long time.  I'm guessin

$20,000 !!!!   Are you sure that's not the cost for a NEW version?  Old boats lose value quickly.  If it is worth $20,000, that is a ridiculous asset for a troop to carry.  It sounds like this is a ne

Sounds like all involved need refresher training as to how a troop should operate.  Since your troop is chartered to a now-defunct entity, perhaps you don't have a troop at all.  Your DE needs to sort

True that CO's are often disinterested in their units. That is not the issue. The issue is that there is no person (entity) that can adjudicate such an issue. When such issues arise, having a CO/IH who is disconnected can help to get a fair hearing though it is not guaranteed. 

If the CO does not even exist, then someone is filling out the recharter forms attesting to a CO that does not exist. The boat in question, if actually given to the Troop, is owned by the CO - not the Troop that is not a legal entity. So the boat might belong to a fictitious CO. If there is an incident involving liability, the lack of a legal owner could place members of the troop committee and troop leadership into jeopardy. In my view, this is not rational. 

So while CO's might be disengaged, they still exist. My view is still that the lack of a CO is a major problem that must be rectified. I would not remain in such a unit but that is just my opinion.

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