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  1. Thank you everyone for the replies. Good advice in all of the posts for me to consider. Answers to some questions that people asked: The boat appears to be worth around $20,000 based on my limited online research on what similar used boats are being sold for. The boat’s engine simply broke down. The mechanic who looked at it recommended replacing the entire engine (the $4,000 cost) as he said that the engine was far past its life expectancy. It was just a coincidence that it happened to stop working on the scout trip. I don’t think there is any interest in selling the
  2. TLDR: The “old guard adults” (parent’s whose sons have aged out of the troop) basically run our troop committee and just voted to spend a large sum of money. The parents with scouts currently in the troop had basically no say in the decision. Just a quick backstory here. Our troop owns a 21-foot motor boat that that was donated to the troop several years ago. This boat is stored at the house of one of the old guard adults (I think he officially owns the boat as well). We take the boat on troop outings maybe once or twice a year. I believe that the rest of the time, the boat is used f
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