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Any place for an evening shift worker

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I am an eagle scout now in my 30s.  Throughout my young adult life I have volunteered off and on.  Most recently I was a Unit Commissioner.  We have now moved and I have taken a 2nd shift M-F job.  I would still like to volunteer, but have no idea how with my schedule. I would love to be a UC again, but would never be able to attend District meetings.  

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  

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If you’re doing a 4-12 and can get up OK on Saturday, consider helping with special programs and events - Cub family weekends, PWDs, chariot races, Klondikes, camporees. They all would welcome somebody to run an activity / station for a day or serve on kitchen crew.

Training also likely has a place for you with  Saturday courses - SM Specific, YPT, den chief, LNT awareness, maybe helping with an IOLS or BALOO module. Maybe offer a special Saturday/Sunday afternoon course package designed just for second-shifters? You’re not the only one out there!

If you’re a member of the OA, I guarantee you they won’t turn someone down who shows up mid-morning or midday Saturday and wants to join a work crew.

Also: Merit badge counselor.

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Call your newly-adopted council service center. There's a lot that goes on during daylight hours ... Scoutshop ... Scoutreach ... Exploring ... school talks.

There's no telling where someone with UC training will be welcome.

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As a stay-at-home dad, it's amazing how much of the work supporting my sons' Cub Scout Pack goes on during the day. Trips to our Council office to iron out problems or pick up supplies (advancement or otherwise) from the Scout Shop. Running over to the school where we met to deal with scheduling issues and access our things in our storage closest. Going to our school district offices for usage agreements for the school spaces. Deposits to our bank. Popping into our local Park District to reserve shelters for our outdoor events and our annual pool rental for family swim night. 

If a few of our volunteers didn't have the privilege of at least slipping away from work for "lunch", I'm not sure how we would function. So there's plenty to do. It may not be the volunteer work you'd prefer to do, but a lot of the time it's the necessary, invisible work that's required to make things happen.

Just my $0.02, YMMV and my free advice is worth every penny you paid for it.


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