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Who is headed to NOAC 2018?

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On 8/30/2018 at 8:37 AM, MikeS said:

It was my understanding that the black robes were worn by the Arrowmen spectators, not the four Principals; they were in regalia. Is that not correct??

The work-around, as discussed in other threads on this subject (q.v.) is what I term "Standing Bear Productions, LLC" - no official affiliation with the OA or even BSA.  


I am struggling to remember who was wearing black robes in the Shows. But there was definitely 4 in robes, so at the time I assumed it was the principles, though I don't remember them doing in portion of any ceremony. It may have been the principles or may not.

I do know that this discussion that is being had is if to allow black robes as an option to the induction ceremonies. Nothing official on that front yet.

Principles may currently wear regalia (area specific by next NOAC) or they may wear Field uniform for all ceremonies.

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I asked about it at our Fall Ordeal weekend this past weekend and apparently many seem to think it was actually the four Principals in robes - could have sworn it was the audience, but maybe not. 


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Originally it was the principles in the robes. I'm friends with  the guy who did the research on the topic, and used the robes for OA trail crew ceremony he and a few others created. 

If memory serves, at one time all Arrowmen were encouraged to be in robes, and later regalia. I need to look in my OA history book, once Florence leaves. But I distinctly reading in one lodge's bylaws that all Arrowmen were encouraged to be in regalia.

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