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I was wondering if we could make a change to the default notification settings. I've noticed that when I follow certain threads I end up getting email notifications when my profile is set to not have any notifications.

So my "automatic" setting is set to none, but I am not allowed to change the notification setting for "Someone comments on something I follow". This is pretty annoying since I really don't want or need email based notifications. Can we please allow users to change that notification setting rather than making it default to email?


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Can someone please check in to this setting? I have gotten over 900 emails from the site because this is set to send emails to registered emails by default. No big deal for me because I summarily delete them. However, my ISP is asking if "scouter.com" should be marked as a spammer and sent to the blacklist. 

I'd hate for that to happen because then ANY emails from scouter.com would get put on the google, yahoo and microsoft blacklist.

Can that default be set to X or just allow people to change it themselves?

@NJCubScouter, @LeCastor, @RememberSchiff or any of the mods, can you please ask to get this fixed? Thanks!

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8 hours ago, Sentinel947 said:

Yea, sorry for the late response Flagg. Missed your original post. 

I have the same issue. I tried to change in the mobile version (all I use because I can’t access the site from library computers) and can’t change this either. 

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