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Seriously? It has come to this?

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Fill out a form.  Pass the background check,. Pay a $200.00 fee, and you too can own an actual assault rifle - fully automatic, like the FAL that uses a round as powerful as the 30-06, the Browning .30 cal. Machine Gun, or the M-2 cal. .50 Heavy Machine Gun.  


I can't imagine the cost - like burning $100s as fast as you can.


It also makes it kinda hard to conceal carry those guns.  The most powerful handgun on the market is a .44 magnum, and that is one huge piece of weaponry not even criminals want to haul around.    The six round, black powder, .45 cal dragoon pistol (think Colt Walker, when you ran out of guns, it could still be used as a club) and the 9 round black powder, .42 cal with a .60 cal shotgun chamber (think 20 gauge) handguns were not worn on the belt during the Civil War.  They were too heavy, they horse carried the gun in a holster on the saddle.  Today's hand guns are  meant to be discrete and not many people have horses to haul around their guns.  :).

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Wanna buy some cookies?  

Just need the right merit badge training.  

I have been told I have a hole in my head - never a crease.

Things have changed since "Dirty Harry."  


Currently the "champ" is the .500 Smith and Wesson Magnum. Standard is "only" 2600 ft. lbs of muzzle energy ($1.50- $2.590 per boom) , but some (sane?) have souped it up to over 3000 ft. lbs of muzzle energy and nearly 2000fps -- significantly greater than the standard .30-06 ball (2429 ft. lbs.).


Then we have the .480 Ruger and .475 Linebaugh, both of which exceed the .454 Casull by a wide margin.  Then the poor 'lil .44 Magnum (1649 ft. lbs. +p+).   All manner of videos of shooters being hit in the face with their handgun on discharge.  


Seems to be a silly game that has exceeded all practical limits.  


Meanwhile, on the streets of Chicago. the "Modified One-Hand Head-Tip Gangsta Grip":


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Seriously, @@TAHAWK how come you know so much about large handguns?  Do you have a crease in your forehead, too?  :)



I was out target practicing with a buddy who had a Thompson Center Fire with exchangeable calibers.  He had me shoot the .22.  It was no big deal.  Them he switched over to .36 cal.  Oh, kinda hefty.  Then the .38 cal.  Okay we/re getting serious.  Then the .45 cal.  Impressive but needed 2 hands and locked elbows.  Then we went a bit smaller, with more powder.  .357 magnum.  Okay, we're really serious now.  .44 magnum.  Ouch.  then he said, how's about going really small to the 30-06?  That's where my crease came in.  All with the same gun!  That's the reason for the shoulder when shooting a long-gun and the reason 8 gauge shotguns are fired off the thigh.

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