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Service Stars, Consecutive?

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Thanks for the feedback guys.  In the end, I think he's just glad to help out.  I'd say we'll probably go with the registered years. We're just glad to have him aboard.


That's more important than counting the number of stars one has. 

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I think that stars are simply a nice, utilitarian way of showing service, not a way of showing off. I use them to show my Cub Scouts my own history of experience, but not to display my efforts to others beyond them. So, I have starts for my years in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Varsity Scouts ... but I didn't count the years between finishing high school and starting as a Den Leader, because I wasn't a registered leader, so why would I pretend to have more experience when I do by counting all those years I did nothing?


Just the other week, I received my 1-year service star for being a leader, and I finally got to put a blue-backed star on my uniform. That makes me just as happy as putting on a 20-year start would have, since it's symbolic to me of my first year being where I should be - registered, involved, and active. That's what matters most, not the number that goes with it.

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I had a "break in service" between college and the birth of my first son.  I never counted those years.  It's my observation that not many wear their stars anyway.  It's up to the individual to add up the years and wear the appropriate star.  No one has ever "audited" me.

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