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The Fork In The Road

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I have taken to carrying a fork (plastic, usually, picnic type)  in my uniform pocket.   It is indeed intended as a conversation starter.

Depending on who asks, I have three answers.


First, you never know when someone might ask me to share a piece of pie or BBQ with them, and , remember, a Scout should               "Be Prepared."


Secondly,  if it's a young Scout, I tell them to go and ask their parent or grandparent about that famous American philosopher, Yogi Berra, who advised us that "when you come to the fork in the road, you should take it! "  So I did. 


If it is a more thoughtful adult, or an appropriate situation, I will tell this story:


There was a young pastor who had just been assigned his first parish.  He asked the church secretary how he might get to know his congregation better, and she said, "well, as it happens, Mrs. Jenkins just called and wants to talk to you about her 'final arrangements'.  She is one of our oldest members and you would do well to meet her. I know she has no living relatives and really views this church as her family".   So the young pastor called and made an appointment with Mrs. Jenkins.

On the day, he went to her house and after the obligatory  cookies and tea,  he took out his note book and they talked about her favorite hymns and Bible verses and how she wanted things done.  Then she said, "And Pastor, I want you to promise me you will bury me with a fork in my hand."   Well, this gave the pastor pause, he smiled and said, "Mrs. Jenkins, you know I have to ask, why do you want a fork in your hand?"  She responded:

" When you have been in this church as long as I have,  you will come to realize how important food is to our community. We have fund raising dinners, potluck lunches, memorial brunches, teas,  lots of times to 'break bread' , if not pastries, with each other..  After almost every event, the young people that help clear the tables  tell me to 'save my fork', because there will be a cake, something good, something more to enjoy. I know that after this life, there will be ... something more, something good yet to come.  I want to have my fork ready . " 


So too, I'd like to think  maybe, just maybe, I can help make things better, for others and for myself. And maybe, just maybe,  I will then be ready to enjoy that better life myself. 


So, What's in your pocket?



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