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This isn't ROCKet science, or is it?


Lets skip over the obvious,  delve deep beyond the surface  and toss some ideas out to see what splashes we can elicit from the big pool of world opinion.....




Is there a danger of filling up the reservoirs of the world and advancing, needlessly, the erosion of our river banks ?   Is there a future dearth of appropriately shaped missiles?  Do we need to ration the  tendency of our yooooth to fling? 


Oh the humanity....  Or mineralology....

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Primitive man used stones as weapons.  I would think national would have banned the practice by now, or at least have an aquatic rangemaster qualification process in place.

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I once had an enforced wait of about an hour on the bank of a slow moving river in Ireland, with a small group of friends. The sun was out, it was a calm day, so the water was flat as a pancake. The shingle beach where we wandered along seemed to consist almost entirely of flat round stones of various sizes. It wasn't a case of searching for a skimmable stone, they were there, by the hundred, by the thousand maybe. I have the knack of stone skimming. I might even be so bold as to suggest I'm not too bad at it. That hour was total and utter bliss. If I need calm in my head, I try and remember that scene, that feeling. The calmness of the river, sun reflecting off it, the company of friends, and the simple pleasure of skimming stones until my arm ached.

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