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Patrol leader election questions

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So if I said, if one can't see the forest because of the trees, would it lend a more favorable feeling for fellow scouters and they would feel less labelled? 


Probably not because that phrase attacks the person.  A myopic point of view draw the attention to the situation, not the person.


The car coming from the right was speeding.


No, the car from the left was speeding.


I don't think the car was going all that fast.


So how can they all be correct?


The first two are standing on opposite sides of the street and the third person a a half mile away.


We are so quick to judge when in fact we're not talking about people we're only talking about the way they see the world from where they happen to be standing.  It's not an issue of who's right and who's wrong.


Tampa Turtle and Krampus don't camp in the summer, way too hot.  I generally camp in the summer, it's the only time it's warm.  So we have to adjust our programs.  Yes I label them southerners and they need to do things differently than us northerners.  So some labels like Johnny Reb and damnYankee might be overboard, but I don't think I've gotten that bad..... yet.  :)

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Having seen the trees, would it be useful to consider the forest that they make up?  Is the whole more than the sum of its parts?



I fear that if you tell someone they are, in your definition, "unimaginativeuncreativeunadventurousnarrow-mindedsmall-mindedshort-termshortsighted," they may, apparently incorrectly, think you are talking about them personally.   Attacking the "sin" but claiming that you are not attacking the sinner is not always seen as impersonal.


And you have, in the past, acknowledged that rather than being "correct" vs incorrect, they may just be different. In fact, you just did again.  :) 

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We do camp in Summer...just complain about it and do less. The Troop does take August 'off' but there still seems to be plenty of scouting stuff to do!

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