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Definitely a product of its time.  A war hero publishes a book on military scouting and survival skills that somehow captures the desires of boys playing army and dreaming of the Wild West.  He finds a way to channel that into something age-appropriate that satisfies both the boys' needs and society's objectives.


The equivalent today would be General Mattis or Dakota Meyer starting "Call of Duty Scouts" or something of that nature.  Yeah, would never happen.


I could see something like this (http://brooklynforest.org/about-us/)* forming to help with what some commentators called "Nature Deficiency Disorder."


*=disclaimer: not affiliated with this group in any way but the founder is a high school classmate and his wife was a grade ahead of us.

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Sadly, I *do* know the answer to that.   We had a scout (my son) make a recruitment video based on Minecraft for Cub Scouts. It took place in Mincraft in a virtual summer camp complete with archery

That was the last year that I was there too. We were back in the Lenape cabins which were back behind the pool. Rodney is the only camp in our area that I know still offers troop cooking, bringing our

I still have some reservations going into salt water, between Jaws and now Shark week all that I keep hearing in the back of my head is dant, dant, dant, dant.

BSA was not without competition in its early days.  If BSA began today, it would be up against some other group with a couple million members and a century of rich history and tradition.


I vote for Lone Scouts of America.

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Well there are alternatives to Boy Scouts that have sprung up over the years. Royal Rangers, Navigators, spiral Scouts, Camp Fire, Baden-Powell Service, Trail Life, etc... alternatives to the Girl Scouts are Frontier girls and American Heritage Girls. The latter is growing in our area.


Thing is money. Any organization can gather a few members but if a movement is to grow there must be paid staff and a national structure.

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