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Scouting (magazine) article on "The Scout-Led Troop"

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Sometimes "Hanlon's Razor": "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."


Or as my Scoutmaster observed after a fiasco of a Camporee: "They may just not be very good at it."

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Here is the reply to my email pointing out this article to someone we all know, a regular spokesman for BSA. He, of course, had spotted the article. Since he did not give permission to give his name ( and I did not ask) I present his comments without attribution.


I read that same article...with utter dismay.

This is a black-and-white issue: Either the Patrol Method is in place, or it isn't. It's the same principle as "you can't be "a little bit" pregnant--you are are, or you're not.)

The nonsense about "not ready," "not mature enough," and the rest is just that: horsepucky.

The cold fact is this: Without the Patrol Method, it's just a bunch of boys in tan shirts being led around by a bunch of misguided adults who want to be Webelos III Den Leaders.

Thanks for taking the time to write.


While I understand the sentiment, I do demur somewhat to "Webelos III." Dens spend most of their time meeting separately, an advantage over the troop-method and therefore tend to identify as den members.



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