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Central New Jersey Council dissolving

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Typically I believe when Councils Dissolve or Merge All Lodges in The Old Councils will Merge into one Lodge..Youth Membership will continue to Work Together for a Period set Forth By the New Councils Scout Executive as Co Councils..Youth Membership from all Merged Lodges will Vote on New Lodge Name, Totem and Number..Once Voted on and Decided They will be Submit to National OA for Approval


Items to consider in this process are:

1. The council Scout executive of the new council should appoint a lodge adviser and a lodge staff

adviser for the new merged lodge.

2. Current lodge officers should fulfill their responsibilities jointly until the election of new officers. There is nothing wrong with having co-chiefs or co-vice chiefs during the transition period. (I have seen 6 to 11 Months Listed for Mergers)

3. The name and totem of the new merged lodge should be determined. (Any combination of the former

lodge names and totems may be considered, as well as new ones.)

4. An organizational plan should be developed to fulfill the responsibilities of the new merged lodge in the

new council. (Lodge Rules should be written and approved by the council Scout executive.)

5. Scheduled lodge meetings and activities should be completed while merging the calendars and

establishing dates for officer elections and activities of the merged lodge.

I am well versed in how a Lodge works, I was being facetious in my previous post.
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Respectfully, qwazse, didn't see any comment worthy of the soap-in-mouth cure. And gsdad, perhaps you might think again about your comparisons - in this case, the scouts and scouters of these districts are being jettisoned by their Council leadership, not voluntarily electing to affiliate with a new council. Even the thickest skinned Scouters might just get a little riled up when told, in effect, "we're shipping you off to some new hierarchy that is in another state, whom you don't know, likely has different customs, traditions and practices, and likely is taking you on reluctantly". That would rile up anyone, and that IS what is happening now to a huge group of scouts in Central NJ.
Bless you, codger, but your hypothetical quote, were it true, would deserve some soap. ;)


Scouts are cheerful and friendly. They build bridges -- not block them.


Sure this is a whole lot of making the best of a bad situation. But, it's also an opportunity for a council who has managed to stay solvent to put some energy and enthusiasm into some districts who had gotten short-shrift due to their previous council's insolvency.


Customs, traditions, practices, are all good, but only if you have youth to hand them down to. Hopefully there will be some more frequent river crossings to do just that!

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fighting over a name how quaint. Wait till roundtable fights begin.


So how long before we simply have 50 councils? I bet we see it in my lifetime.

Maybe less than that. We now cover parts of MD and WV.

But my venturers make connections on an Area/Regional level anyway, so merges like this don't phase them all that much.

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Why should it impact the boys?????


I don't care what patch is on my left shoulder.


Just as boys don't care about districts.........

Hah, back in the day, your council was not stated on your uniform. Instead of a council patch, scouts wore red "community strips" with white lettering. The top was your town and the bottom was your state. Scouts take notice of "where you from" and not what council are you in.
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What is the latest update on CNJC? The old council website is still up but has no new updates since the end of December. The CNJC Facebook page is also silent on the disposition of the remaining parts of the old CNJC. With a council dissolving and no meaningful assets but tons of debt and two run down camp properties that no neighboring councils want I guess it comes down to Northeast Region tying some ribbons around the ugly dogs neck to coax any willing nearby council to take on the remaining orphaned county. I have not seen anything new on Monmouth Council adding any new territory. Now that we are into February certainly they have had time to come to some resolution on this?


Ed Henderson

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Ed, I haven't heard anything lately. There was supposed to be another CNJC board meeting on Thursday, January 23 to decide. I spoke to a Middlesex county scouter this weekend and he thought they'd hear by yesterday. I have not heard anything.


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I received an interesting email yesterday afternoon. On Sunday, February 16th there will be a Mini "Tradeshow of Scouting" for former Central Jersey units that will be joining Patriots' Path Council held in Edison. There was no mention of which units/districts/geographical areas are included. Earlier announcements from Central Jersey did not mention Patriots' Path at all, so I guess some agreement was worked out.

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I just checked back in to this thread after receiving an email from my committee's staff advisor asking if we wanted a table for our committee at this mini tradeshow.


Tim, I'm guessing I got a forwarded copy of the email you received.


Sounds like something just happened. Can't find any official announcements on what.

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