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  1. What is the latest update on CNJC? The old council website is still up but has no new updates since the end of December. The CNJC Facebook page is also silent on the disposition of the remaining parts of the old CNJC. With a council dissolving and no meaningful assets but tons of debt and two run down camp properties that no neighboring councils want I guess it comes down to Northeast Region tying some ribbons around the ugly dogs neck to coax any willing nearby council to take on the remaining orphaned county. I have not seen anything new on Monmouth Council adding any new territory. Now that we are into February certainly they have had time to come to some resolution on this? Ed Henderson
  2. The best solution is to have modern showers at your Scout Camp! Will Rogers Scout Reservation installed a new Shower House with 20 stalls and 20 outer lockable doors. None of these "communal" showers or having a time schedule for Youth / Adult or Male / Female. All showers were open to all at any time. Once you went into your shower and locked the door, the nice warm showers with a bench were yours. The lights were even the motion detector type so energy was not wasted. In this day & age with all of the Youth Protection stuff this really is the best solution and a lot more kids are taking showers these days in Cleveland OK.
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