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Hello to all


I know that I have usually posted on Cub Scouts forums, but my daughter brings up a whole new world.


My daughters GSUSA troop is registering for a Venture Crew for that they can go on a high adventure trip to Philmont in 2011.


I know that there are printouts that Philmont has that can give you some information about how to get ready, but what I am looking for is what kind of things are out therer that are not covered in the leaders guide. Can those who have been help me and the leaders.


As a side note, I know that there is a need for a Wilderness First Aid trained leader. I also looked on the leaders guide and found that they accept EMT Intermediate and/or Paramedic. So I think that this will be something that will help our other leaders. I think that we will end up having to take two or three crews based on the number of those interested.

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Here is one for you. Our SM is a high adventure weight Nazi. The crews from our troop always use the Aquafina brand 1 liter water bottles instead of nalgene bottles. Four 1 liter Aquafina bottles weigh the same as a single nalgene. Some people might be concerned that the water bottles might not be as sturdy as a nalgene and they would be correct. However, it has been our troop's crews multiple experience that they will easily survive the length of a Philmont trip.


These are the 1 liter Aquafina bottles that have a larger mouth that a soda bottle and are therefore much easier to fill with a water purification device.




There may be other water companies that use the same style bottle, but not any I'm aware of.



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Look in http://www.bacphilmont.org/links.html under the 'Related Links' are several good information sources.

Philsearch is great for planning trek selection

Seldon Ball's page has manymany links to good information


Not in the bac list:


www.philmontforum.com - this one has lots of information including a walkthrough of check-in, first day, ranger training.


Based upon my recent experience, you will get plenty of conflicting information. Most aspects of the trip have the 'you must always' and 'you must never' proponents and everything in between. Review what you can (searhing for 'philmont trek' on google will bury you with sources, good AND bad), then pick what seems reasonable for you and try it out on your shakedowns.


The only absolute is that you must follow Philmont's rules.


Have the adults start training with backpacks, well, now.


Choose lighter gear when possible and affordable. It will make a difference, especially for the adults.


I would suggest making sure to include multiple night trips on your shakedowns to work out your routines.


I can think of nothing about the trek that turned out to be as onerous as I had expeceted. Enjoy your trip.

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If your Council has a person who looks after High Adventure you might want to have a chat with him, if not talk with the Council Camping Chair.

Most Councils get first choice of the treks and payments can be made through the Council.

For us here in PA the hard thing about Philmont is in the getting there.

When the Council plans a trip it tends to be very expensive as not only do they fly, but someone at one time said that discount airlines weren't safe. So they only book on he major airlines.

Some units make the trip part of a much bigger trip. The thinking being that if they are going that far, they want to take in as much as they can.

We have one older Scouter who thinks he is Mr. Philmont.

He likes to arrive a few days early so the kids can get used to the change in altitude. He used to stay at the Air Force Academy, I'm not sure if that can still be used.

When flying out he has everyone wear their boots on the plane. His thinking is that if the luggage is lost everything can be replaced but the boots which have been broken in.

One big problem seems to be people dropping out.

When treks are first brought up the enthusiasm is high, but for some reason people drop out.

I'm not sure you will be able to get a trek for 2011. I thought that by now they would all be booked?

Trying to get young people of venture age to do anything that is that far ahead is a risk.

You might be better off to think small and have a waiting list.

Preparing the youth for the trek is a lot of hard work.

I don't know what sort of program the youth you are talking about are used too?

But trying to get kids who have never done much outdoor activities and hiking ready for a trek? When the youth have so many other things going on? Might be tough.

Good Luck.




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Never been to Philmont, although I got the "Philmont Jar" started so I can take the 3 boys when the time comes.


As someone pointed out, Philmont does have a long waiting list. May I suggest a Plan B, your local council's nationally accredited Pamlico Seabase?




PS We had you beat at our CS Family Camp.

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Getting there a few days early to begin acclimating to the altitude and dry air is a very desirable thing. Of course, our guys can easily drive from Oklahoma and they take tents and camp in a campground rather than stay in hotels. I feel your pain on the distance. Getting to Jamboree is a major pain and expense from this end of the world. I was really hoping the BSA would go with a more centrally located site.......say Colorado with cooler temps and drier air, but I think they want to stay close to DC.

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Hey Beav,

When the new HA and what might be the next Jambo site?? Opens up. I can almost walk there! (Na-na-na-na.)

On my last drive to Philmont, I stopped at a motel near Oklahoma City.

Seemed like a nice enough place.

I remember it being very hot, it was in August.

I also remember asking a waiter for cream for my coffee, he returned with a plastic honey jar in the shape of a bear, filled with some sort of coffee whitener.

I'll bet you need to keep plastic jars in the shape of bears filled with coffee whitener in the bear bag.

What do you think John?


While Philmont is of course Philmont and really is super nice.I can't help wondering if maybe you couldn't do much the same thing closer to home for a lot less money?




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Thanks for all the replies


The leadership of the GS Troop/Venture Crew all understand the cost of this trip and the training that is required for this. The husband of the GS leader went with his troop on a troop trip (Not the council contingent)


They are thinking that they may need two crews due to the numbers. I have also let the guy know that I meet the requirements for the First Aid portion. He also told me that I would want to have my daughter fitted for the backpack. So to just start saving money and then when the trip is closer take her to get fitted for something that is more like her size. He also told me about the cost of the sleeping bags and sleep mats.


For those that were wondering, I think that they have put the crew in for the lottery as it was explained to me. They said that the 2010 was completely full and that we may have room in the 2011 trip. Then again they may also be talking about 2012, I may just be a year off.


This is something that they seem interested in and I offered to help out. They seem to have called upoin me for some of the other things that they do like outdoor cooking and compass work.


Keep the suggestions and advise coming

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This is theeee only fight song

That they knooo ho how to play - ay!


(You don't want to hear EagleSon's marching band version of the song...trust me...it's a Big 12 rivalry thing)


Or who else remembers Reba singing It's the Spirit of Oklahoma.... TeeeVeee Nine!


Artillerymen are grown in Oklahoma :) Fortress Sill, in fact. I've been there 3 times; twice for schools and once as my duty station.


Yes, OK is warm. Air Conditioning weather down there should be ending pretty soon :)


I can remember asking for rose` wine in the 70s in an Oklahoma club; they mixed red and white for me. Yep.


So, the honey bear with creamer needs not only to go in the bear bag, but that particular bear bag needs to be left in Amarillo ;)




Philmont books 2 years ahead of date. The lottery in either preparation or execution right now is for the 2011 summer. Councils also get treks. Some Councils have seats to spare, others can't get enough. In my Council, if you train for 2010 as a "reserve" (you're not part of the guaranteed crew), then in 2011 you are guaranteed a space on the trek. Contact your Council camping folks, they'll be able to help you with that.

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in reference to equipment, my opinion is to start buying piecmeal now. If you take care of the equipment it will last. For example, I got my last sleeping bag with Philmont in mind. 3.2 pounds, 15 degree rated, and super small. Cost my family about $85 with shipping (it was a b-day present that I helped pick). Also got pads cheap to, 2 thermarest backpackers fro about $45 with shipping of ebay. Already told the family I want a backpackign stove for Christmas ;)


As for the pack, i'ld get it about a year ahead, and bring soem weight to have her test it out. Don't think your MOLLE pack will work for her.(This message has been edited by eagle92)

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No way is she using my Molle pack, That is mine.


I think about this time next year we will start looking into her backpack. Let the growing continue some more.


Thanks for all the advice so far

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OUCH! All this unscoutlike disrespect for Oklahoma (God's country) is disconcerting! ;)




The next time you pass thru Oklahoma, give me a call. I can fill you in on all the eateries that have real cream for their coffee. The honey bears with actual honey in them are usually found in the Mexican restauarants for the complimentary sopapillas at the end of the meal.


Darn, now I'm hungry.

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