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  1. Replaced the pack's track with aluminum about 14 yrs ago and still in use I think. We simply mounted alum track on the old (4-section homemade) wooden track bed. no alignment problems as the old one was structurally sound, just beat up.
  2. My understanding is that this council now accepts ONLY blue cards as proof. They do not even trust their own records. Of course, historically, that is a GOOD thing.
  3. Only there 1 day this year (coverage issue). Food, Facilities, Program, Staff all good or Excellent. Programs for older youth keep boys involved. They keep voting to return, that in spite of the fact that the first year we went, the food was nearly inedible.
  4. CM, I'd go with it being your problem. The Crew leader should be decided by the crew. (Unless you are going to overrule somehow based on health and safety issues). If the crew finds they have made a mistake, the crew can either change it or live with it. The boys are allowed to make mistakes like this, and hopefully learn from them. I would expect the crew knows his level of involvement is not up to your expectations, but if you overrule their decision, then you will be making a clear statement of who is really in charge of the trek. (Depending upon the voting rules, you might ask for a vo
  5. We have a former scout in our troop that joins us for summer camp. He is in a troop in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Encrypted flashdrives are available for not too much more $. It IS a lot easier to misplace than a big ole stack of tree pulp. (This message has been edited by sbemis1)
  7. I noticed on our recharter that when I added a new scout, the parent was automaticaly added as a scout parent, and could not be deleted without dropping the new youth also.
  8. Our council was trying to take the hard line approach this year. The produced lists of trained vs untrained which (just a guess based on the physical amount of paper) is about 10% trained vs 90% untrained. The numbers are not switched accidentally. Slight problem: The lists do not have data from national transcripts, AND it is missing a lot of training done locally as well. They have asked for lists from the troops on a 'best guess' basis. Somehow I doubt all that data is going to get in by the end of the year. The missing data does not always come from a lack of troop input. I re
  9. I keep the troop records, badges, etc. When parents complain I ask/remind/tell them that the boys need to come take care of it themselves. Often boy returns with parent behind him. I apologize (my fault/your fault/nobody's fault, doesn't matter). I ask the boy to keep reminding me until it is taken care of. (I forget more than I'd like to remember about). We do print off adv and go over a week in advance to try to head off those problems, and remind the boys that if something is missed at COH (or anytime), talk to SM AC me after and we'll look into it. Seems to keep everyone happ
  10. Our troop has 2 fundraisers. Xmas breakfast. After expenses the money is divied up in 'scout acct' according to time volunteered/worked supporting the breakfast, with parents/families time included. Strawberry festival. Profits go to troop account for operational expenses, and usually a bus to summer camp. A nice bus.
  11. Son's troop DOES do the charter bus to summer camp every year. Much nicer than trying to have the parents move them all 4 hrs each way. Gear fits down under, except what the SM takes in his pickup. Usually the farthest travelled troop for the summer. Enough CM show up by the end of the week for BORs. Even the BK lunch stop on the way home has come to expect us to drop in. Troop had a trailer in years gone by, replacing it comes up every 2-3 yrs, with not enough interest to make it happen. Camporee and beach trip are the car camping variety, the rest are geared more like backpacking eve
  12. The diving section does not appear to have a spanish transation, unless I missed it. The links that I checked all go to english language websites.
  13. He may have gotten on in this troop, after all BOR need not be for advancement. THAT might have been a real suprise for the scout!
  14. My sympathy to anyone charged with collecting/verify health forms. Twice was enough for me, though I still get to cart them around. Our troop is a bit more lenient, but if you haven't turned in the form you don't get on bus for summer camp. We do always have a few come in that morning. . .
  15. An aspect of the med forms issue, in our troop at least, is that med insurance won't let you have 2 exams in the same year. with many doctors requiring a recent exam to sign the form, the turn in for a given family gets later each year as scout progresses through his career (adults too).
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