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Quick yes or no: Can a troop switch to a different council?

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I love this place!!!

Jimmyd's thread 'quick yes or no....' 44 posts later, we're way off subject again. :p

DS post 'I'll be around....' 14 posts on that simple statement...

I'm finding myself here more and more, need to quit hanging around and go camping



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I have sveral questions on this same line of questioning. My pack is not happy with our council but has no problems with our CO.

Q#1 - Can the committee vote to leave and take everything and everyone away from the CO and form a new pack in a adjoining council?


i understand that a new pack could be formed. Our pack has been around for 25+ years and I don't think our CO would like to lose the pack. A split happen several years ago and we have finally gotten our numbers up and are a healthy pack again.


I was not around for the that split, so i don't know what happen with equipment and funds. There was though, problems with territory for roundups since the original pack did requiting in two local schools. We finally got the two packs requiting from different schools.


Q#2 - What happens to the equipment/funds if there is a split?

Can the committee vote to take things with them when/if they leave?

I believe if wthe pack folds, that everything becomes the property of the CO.


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If the committee "has no problems with the CO" then why are you even contemplating taking everything and leaving??


The answer to #1 is NO, its not "your unit" it is the unit you belong to. The CO (charter organiization) owns the unit and its stuff.


#2 see answer #1

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Some more info;


Basically, there are leaders who are not happy with the council. They feel that the adjorning council has better services and more to offer. It's base of operations is also considered closer that our own council's offices. Some of those leaders are looking into moving the pack to the adjorning council. I am not one of them. The council is not perfect but which one really is. I'm just trying to gather info I need to combat the change, when/if the time comes, to give the leaders and parents a clear view of their choices.


I have given lots of time and effort in helping to building up our pack from the disastrous effects of the last pack split (which was due to problems in the committee leadership and not because of any dissatisfaction with the CO). I have decided not to let that effort go down in vane.


Here is some interesting side notes to this problem:


The school which we recruit from, is actually, in the adjorning council's "territory" but the majority of the school district is in our current council's "territory".


When our pack started 25 years ago, they recruited from two schools. The first one being local to the CO and the second one being "just down the road" but over the county line. The nearest pack was in a different school district, and since some of the local children were sent to the second school, the pack included it in its recruiting "territory". After the split, both packs recruitted from both schools but things got lobsided and all of the first school went to the new pack and most of the second school also. We finally got things so that the "new" pack has the first school and we have the second school.


The leaders who are not happy with the council mostly reside within the adjorning council's "territory".


The scout children of the parents who are members of our CO are in the "new" pack. (which is not charted by our CO)


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"Fortunately, my God doesn't require me to sit inside of a stuffy building to be "reverent." In fact, the last time that we talked about the issue, he was of the opinion that he's much happier if we're outside marveling at his creation instead of sitting inside of a building singing off-key and listening to someone rant about sin."


Interesting. Most religions that I am familiar with, expect you at least spend some time during the week coming together to praise and glorify together and share in his goodness as one. The marveling at his creation is for the rest of the time so that you never leave him "in the buiding".


And as for "singing off-key", He should expect that of us after all, he did give out the voices.


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"I'm always dismayed when, at the first hint of trouble, adults want to pick up the marbles and move"


I'd take back that comment becuase we've given our council plenty of chances with issues. Not everyone is like that.

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From my personal life experiences in and out of Scouting I've learned that in every group of people there are a few individuals that are hard to work with. Moving from one group to another group eliminates the problems with the old group. In the new group, you now have the opportunity of working with a few different individuals that are difficult to work with. I guess life is like that.


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