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Where does BSA tell us homosexuals are not allowed?

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Moosetracker, it is possible that the UUA or certainly members of the UUA did engage in words that could be called 'BSA bashing', I'm not sure. What I am sure of is what I read in the pamphlet and in the letters written to BSA. Disagreement yes, bashing? I didn't see it. At least, as you say, nothing like I've read in these forums (which I remind you, are private property and not under control of the BSA).

But then, I didn't look for anything outside the direct communications. So in my ignorance of the broader environment back then, I'm OK with Beavah's claim. Maybe he can provide an example of it.

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"I do wonder, sometimes, with the way things are changing for other denominations, how those denominations reconcile the conflict. "


Let's face it, most CO's just are not that involved with the program. Our own CO, is a welcoming Methodist church that includes gay members as well as gay married couples. I don't know what they would do if someone made a specific issue with respect to BSA's membership policies. In fact, out of some 30 scouts I think only one is an actual member of the Methodist Church. Most of our scouts are Catholic.


I am aware of one local protestant congregation that refused to charter a unit when approached due to BSA membership policies, but that is a rare exception.


As far as the right to not associate and local option, what about those units that may not want to associate with Muslim units, or units that have female scoutmasters, or Jewish units or units that due to CO demographics are primarily black? (Muslim COs were the fastest growing CO's for scout units in Mass a couple of years ago. Seems they felt BSA's values and their's were very much in alignment.)






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As far as UUA is concerned, I had an interesting experience related to it at Jambo in 2010. They had a booth at the midway with the other COR presences. I stopped and talked with them a bit, and the person there said that the issues were in the past, and that the conflict had been mostly the result of one or two of their more didactic leaders who overstepped their positions. Once calmer heads got involved, they worked out the issues with BSA to both of their acceptance. Only here-say, but seems to fit current climate.

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Skeptic, take a look at this:



The statement was written in 1999 but last updated this August so it seems not much has changed since that time. And it makes no mention whatsoever of UUSO but rather asks for support of Scouting for All in opposition to the BSA policy. I think whoever you spoke to may have understated things a bit.

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Personally, I expect the end of DADT in the military will spell the end of the BSA's policy on homosexuals. I think it's going to become more difficult for the BSA to bar homosexuals on moral grounds when openly practicing gays have the moral courage to put the nation ahead of their own lives. But, we'll see.

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