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Dont Blame Me I Voted For McCain

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Just pointing out once again that you're wrong, Gold Winger, and that if you'd have thought about it for about 10 seconds, you might have realized how ridiculous and obviously false your urban legend was. But, as usual, you have absolutely nothing useful to contribute.

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I'm really wondering because this "urban legend" was reported in one of my high school text books as an example of how "scientific belief" changes. Horses are really irrlevant since the belief was that air would be sucked out of the train carriages causing the suffocation.

[personal affront]

FScouter (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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Gold Winger, you claimed it was orthodox science at one point; I don't recall who supposedly claimed that "man cannot live at such speeds" but they didn't think about it.


But science obviously isn't your field at all; you much prefer childish insults. It doesn't take any effort to show how ridiculous it would be for the "great orthodoxy of science" to assert that the air would be sucked out of train cars at 30 MPH, because that would mean the air would get sucked out of a stationary horse-drawn coach when the wind exceeded 30 MPH, and this is easily shown to be false on a very windy day (that's not even gale force winds). Any competent scientist (hell, any competent layman) would realize that.

(This message has been edited by Merlyn_LeRoy)

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Still with the childish insults, eh? While you were using all your brainpower to try and come up with an insult (and failing, given how repetitious and lame your insults are), I actually tracked it down to a Reverend Doctor Lardner referring to Stephenson's Rocket.


By the way, you still haven't shown how the "great orthodoxy of science" once believed this.

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Since no one else responded, I doubt that BSA is in any danger, at least with regard to their charter. Likewise, home schooling is unlikely to be abolished. In fact, I predict it will increase, mostly due to increases of adults staying at home, out of work.

As for the gimmicks you mention (taxing toilets, etc.), these kinds of things are fun to talk about casually but they are mostly a diversion from issues that are often more relevant to society.

Speaking of which, Talk radio is probably not going to suffer - too much profit in it. In fact, it could be that the Obama administration will stimulate even more of it for your listening pleasure.


As for recycling, my survey of other countries supports the idea that mandated recycling works and works well...if it's implemented appropriately for each society and their needs. But if it's your point that the public must provide popular support, I agree. The cost of energy and materials eventually will make recycling even more desirable than it is today.

With regard to conservation measures, I note that government-mandated standards are very effective in some cases, such as building codes (which often include conservation measures - and assuming they are not violated). I hope you are not advocating abolition of regulations such as these.

I own two of those cavernous vehicles and I really enjoy the power and space when I transport furniture or lots of people. They burn very little fuel when I don't use them and like GWD says, they're paid for and I'll keep running them as long as I need to. However for commutes, I have other more-efficient options, including public transport.

And if GM had not helped kill the electric car many years ago, all of us (including GM) would likely have better options today, even including the guzzlers.

If your concern is that life is not going to be the same, then brace yourself...you're correct.

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Not that I'm all that interested in the squabble between you and Merlyn, but you could have used the 4 minute mile case.



Finally, some good news today.



Obama Advisers To Public: Temper Expectations



"We all have to be very careful about the expectations that we are putting on this man, our president-elect," Reich said. "If we all assume it's going to be the first 100 days, we're going to be disappointed."


I guess the reality of changing the country - and the world - is starting to sink in. I just hope they get the message out to that woman who thinks Obama is going to pay her mortgage and car payment.



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"Not that I'm all that interested in the squabble between you and Merlyn, but you could have used the 4 minute mile case."


That's true, they once believed that the 4 minute mile would be run or that the sound barrier could safely be broken or that the atom could be sub-divided.


However, back to Lardner, he sure was a crackpot and not at all a member of the science orthodoxy. A lecturer at the University College of London and was granted medals and prizes for his work in logic, physics and math. Not quite the Einstein of his day but close.


As for the insults, I do them because they are fun.

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