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This is a spin off from the Oliver North post.

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Here's an idea. Forget the local fundraisers and go for the brass ring, the holy grail (so-to-speak). Since BSA has laid claim to being a religious organization, why not jump on the tele-evangelist bandwagon. Pat Robertson would probably jump at the chance to incorporate BSA as probably would Jerry Falwell. They'd probably want a cut of the action though.


Or to paraphrase Country Joe and the Fish, "...there's plenty of good money to be made, by supplying the faithful with the tools of the trade..."

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Ford would probably make a good speaker.


Especially given that he is an Eagle Scout, and also that he does not have a strong "ideological identification" that would interfere with whatever he might say.


Unfortunately, I doubt he is on the "lecture circuit" much these days, given that he is 90 years old. I have seen him on tv a few times in the last year or two and he seems to be "holding up" pretty well, and I think he could still make a decent speech, but he's pretty frail and I doubt he has a very full schedule.


I liked Ford because even though I disagreed with him on a number of issues, he was flexible and pragmatic, and he was not "nasty" as so much of politics is today.

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If I were searching for a speaker to talk to the youth in my Troop, I would get Old Grey Eagle.


If I were looking for a speaker for the adults in my Troop, I would get Eagledad.


If I were looking for a speaker for both, I might pass them both up and ask for KoreaScouter.


Then again, I might ask hopscout or OutdoorThinker.


There are more of you on these forums that I hold in high regard, so please don't feel slighted if I didn't mention you. But I have gotten to the point where I scan threads for answers from these folks. Thanks to each of you for allowing me a glimpse into your mind. I have benefitted enormously.



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"Ford would probably make a good speaker."


Well, I'm not so sure that Gerald Ford was among the best speakers of his time, but in my lifetime, I'll give him credit, as I gave him my vote, for being probably among the most courageous of Presidents.


Knowing full well that pardoning Nixon would be committing political suicide at the time, he did it anyway...for the good of the nation...to put the nightmare behind us...and get on with the road ahead. For that I will forever be thankful to him. That was, although most misssed it at the time, a very courageous stand to take.


Few would have the courage to stand today on an issue so volatile, and do the same.


He might not have been among the greatest of speakers.....


...but I would have sat silent and listened to all he had to say.



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You know, with any flawed human, you're taking a gamble. Here's a case in point.


As you all probably know, the NFL Pro Bowl has been played in Hawaii for the last 25 years. Much like the Super Bowl, there's a week's worth of appearances, festivals, cheerleading clinics, and whatnot to hype the thing. On Saturday morning, 6:30 a.m., there was a prayer breakfast at Pearl Harbor, with coaches and players there. All devout, "clean as a hound's tooth", positive role-model types. Delivering inspirational messages, signing autographs, the whole package. That afternoon, just hours after the prayer breakfast, one of the players who was at the breakfast, Simeon Rice from the Bucs, was sent home by Andy Reid for missing practices and team meetings.


As comedian George Carlin has said, "If your kid needs a role model and you ain't it, you're both in trouble..."



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