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Why is Wood Badge calling the Prisoners Dilemma the Game of Life?

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"There ain't much in WB that hasn't already been taught in Management 101 at any community college or corporate professional development seminar. I await the revelation of what makes the WB version of

Wood Badge was a great course to enhance management skills. I have been to many other courses like this as I work in Corporate HR in the real world. The fact is many people are not exposed to these

The Syllabus provides for two separate positions. The Troop Guide is a staff position on the Wood Badge course. After the course is over, some Councils may assign each Participant with a Ticket Counselor, typically an experienced Wood Badger (former staffer), to mentor the Participant on his/her Ticket. The Ticket Counselor is them responsible for signing off on the Ticket completion. Once a Ticket Counselor is assigned, the Troop Guide is no longer directly involved with the Participant(s).


Alternatively, some Councils have the Troop Guide continue in the role as mentor to participants, even after the course is done. In that case, the Troop Guide signs off on the Ticket completion.

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Aw, come on, Base, don't make this so complicated. You did the course, you learned something, even if it is what NOT to do. You made some friends, or at least impressed the TG.

So, after I completed the tickets, I called my TG and he arranged with the CD/WBSM to be present at my Troops next CoH. I called the Scout doing the MC duties (communication MB) and he put me on the program as "Special Presentation", as no one in the Troop really knew what "Wood Badge" was. So my TG and WBSM came, and they spoke about the tradition and BP and such. They led me in singing Gilwell, draped the necker, woggle and beads on me and then we ate cupcakes and drank Canada Dry. Done.

When my good friend TM finished his tickets, he arranged for his "beading" at the District Award Dinner (not my District, all new folks), as he was also being named the District Chaplain. I went, ate overdone pasta, visited with TM and his friends, and then he told me he wanted me to bead him. I felt very honored. There were several folks being beaded, so when TM went up, all the other WBers stood and sang Gilwell and I did my best not to embarrass my friend with my draping and woggling.

Base, show the folks you love and work for how it is. I am sure the TG will tell you that a B&G is an excellent place to celebrate your accomplishment. I bet he would be the first to say, yeah let the Webelos hang the necker on you.

I even bet, if you ask him, he'll tell you he likes overdone pasta.

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Call the WB21C SM or CD, whatever the heck they are calling it NOW, and get those blasted beads.


You worked too hard to be fooled around with, and part of me fells like the are messing with you. This shouldn't be the case.

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I wonder if that person changed their phone number. My family has had phones that will still accept messages a month or two after we've stopped using them. "Oh, that's my old phone number, I can't check those messages any more, let me give you my new number." Just a possibility.

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Nope spoke with my troop guide regarding my ticket councilor and he said he would ask to be mine and give me a call back over the weekend. No call back and no return calls despite leaving messages on his cell phone. See post on 12/9 about it.


I had forgot about it, got an email from a Patrol mate inviting me to his beading. I am going to go.


(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)

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Wood badge has become like the District issues for me.


I don't care about it any more.




I have a training card for participating, I have my documentation, binders and presentations I did for my ticket. The boys I serve have benefited, what else could I want. Nothing.



Beads are about ego in my book, just like the knots on an adults uniform.


I am done, if they call and its convenient I might meet with them. The first day of the course they bragged their ticket completion rate was 100%, I suspect as the course director goes to close the course she will call so the course will maintain 100% on her watch too.


Best of all it has no impact on next weeks Christmas Party or next months pinewood derby......


That is where I live,not some adult vacuum.

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Heck I am with BD


Just that the next time a scout comes to you and tells you of a challenge he faces and says its unfair and says he is not being treated with respect you can always say, I know exactly how you feel the same thing happened to me. And when the scout says what did you do? You answer, oh, I gave up, it wasnt worth it


Inflammatory yes, but to make a point I hope is realized

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Hemmm. Don't give up the ship, Basement!


I took the WB ccourse in 1985. Circa 1987 just before the two year deadline to complete my ticket, I got a call from a WB staffer asking me about that. Yes, I had completed my ticket.


That was the last I heard.


Circa 2006, I asked around about whether I was a WB graduate or not. One of the Scouters who staffed on that checked up, found that I had completed my ticket based on the records, and arranged a formal beading ceremony!


So, 1) it pays to ask


2) there may be a slight delay....



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Your analogy is flawed.


What did you do mr. B? I fulfilled my responsibility to those I serve and the reward for me is the improvement in the program for you guys.


The nonsense that has gone on has nothing to do with me or completing my ticket. I did exactly what I should have, Created the ticket, documented the process of completing each item and calling the assigned person or persons after completion to get my carrot.


The failure is that of the Wood Badge staff


No one in my home unit knows this is going on besides the SM.

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