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Recall of CS Immediate Recognition Kit

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It cost me over $1,000 and some pretty serious backpacking to earn my 2007 Chinese-made Philmont arrowhead patch. It''s the only one I have, and it may be the only one I ever get. I''m pretty proud of it, so I''m gonna wear it over my right shirt pocket, but I''m not gonna eat it. Like Gern says, if they want my lead based made-in-China Philmont patch, they''re gonna have to come and get it.


I''m also convinced that it doesn''t matter where the item is made; BSA will raise the price anyway. If I''m not mistaken, they''ve already raised the price of a 2008 Philmont trek $50.00 over last year.

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FScouter wrote: "When was the last time anybody bought a pair of shoes made the U.S.?"


(raises hand) Ever heard of New Balance? Many of their shoes are Maine-made including the three pairs I own-sneakers, walking and work shoes. Last I heard, Maine was still part of the USA, though many here wouldn''t mind seceding to Canada. ;)


Now if you said shirts, I would have had to semi-raise my hand because until 5 years ago, you could still buy a Maine-Made Hathaway shirt. But they got bought out and the jobs went overseas, putting a few hundred mostly single-mothers out of work. At the time, they were the oldest shirt manufacturer in North America. It''s a shame they couldn''t have landed the Scout uniform contact. It might have enabled them to hang on a little longer.

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As a Tiger DL, should I be concerned about the Tiger Totem Immediate Recognition Kit? I have a couple left from last year, but had to buy a new 5pack for this year. Should I hold onto these or will they be OK to use? Has anybody heard?



I used to be a Fox


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Lugnuts Dad,

Hold on to any and all of the immediate recognition badges, the warning asks that we tell parents to remove them from the boy''s shirts and hold on to them unitl notified by National.



Scout Badges Recalled Over Lead Concerns

DALLAS, Oct. 4, 2007(AP) The Boy Scouts of America said Thursday that a

painted, plastic badge commonly worn by some of its youngest scouts is being

voluntary recalled after a test revealed high levels of lead in the paint.


As many as 1.6 million of the badges, which are made in China, may be

affected by the recall.


"We're doing everything we can," Boy Scouts spokesman Gregg Shields said.


The plastic totem badge is given to Cub Scouts, who are usually between the

ages of 7 and 8. The badge has a yellow and blue border, includes a picture of

a bear and wolf and reads "Progress Toward Ranks."


No illnesses have been reported, Shields said.


The unacceptable amounts of lead were discovered during a testing of Boy

Scouts products, Shields said. He did not know the level of lead the test



The recall came the same day that the Consumer Product Safety Commission

announced recalls of more than a half-million other Chinese-made products because

they contain dangerous levels of lead.


The badges are supplied by Kahoot Products Inc., based in Roswell, Ga. The

company is calling for a voluntary recall of the badge and asking parents to

take them away from their children.


A phone message left with the company Thursday was not immediately returned.


Kahoot has supplied the badge to the Boy Scouts, based in Irving, Texas, for

about eight years, Shields said. About 20,000 kits containing the badges have

been sold each year since, he said.


The Boys Scouts are continuing to use Kahoot, which supplies 39 products to

the organization. Shields said Kahoot has "acted responsibly in initiating this

voluntary recall."


Shields said the badge was the first of 94 Boy Scouts products tested to come

back positive for lead. More products are being tested, he said.




On the Net:


Boy Scouts: http://www.scouting.org/

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we had a leader send out the following


"To all parents: Please read the enclosed recall carefully. If your scout has the progress towards ranks totem, please throw it away."


since no scouts had received it this year - and assuming those who received it prior were part of a safe® batch - i am just waiting for the panic emails to start

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As a health professional who deals in this stuff, I have to say the risk is minimal. As long as the boys are not chewing on the things, there is little chance that the lead will enter the body. Keep them away from little ones, who put everything in their mouths. This recall is just a CYA move to make the lawyers happy.

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AHHHHH, Don''t throw them away. How are you gonna make the company replace them??


AND Tiger Totems are safe, per Kahoot''s latest announcement...


"A Cub Scout totem badge imported by Kahoot Products has been found

to contain lead. We are issuing a Voluntary Recall of the badge.


There is some confusion about which product is at issue. The badge in

question is the white badge with blue and yellow paint. The Tiger

Badge, which is white with black paint, does not have lead in the



There have been no reports of injuries. However, testing has

indicated that there is lead in the surface paint on the badge which

exceeds the Federal lead paint standard.


The badge is worn on the outside of clothing and not in contact with

the skin. The paint on the badge, the location of the lead, is very

robust in its ability to adhere to the badge and does not flake off.


The Scouts have halted distribution and pulled the badges from retail

outlets. We are currently working on a recall plan with the CPSC.


If you or your child has a badge, remove it from the child''s clothing

and put it in a safe place so it can be returned to exchange for a

new badge. Replacement badges and instructions for replacement will

be available beginning in November."



AND it''s now an official recall...




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Subject: Recall Notice - Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit


> Statement from Boy Scouts of America, National Office


> A routine test of Boy Scouts of America products has shown that one

> component of the Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit, No. 01804, contains

> unacceptable amounts of lead.


> The kit contains a decoration that is worn on a boy''s uniform shirt, not

> typically placed in the mouth, ingested, or in contact with the skin. No

> illness or injury related to product use has been reported to the BSA or

> the

> supplier, Kahoot Products Inc.


> The BSA has directed its Scout shops and retailers to remove the product

> from their shelves immediately and return it to us.



> The supplier, Kahoot, has called for a voluntary consumer recall of all

> kits

> and has urged those who have purchased the item, since the year 2000, to

> remove the recognition totem from their child''s possession until the

> details

> of the recall have been worked out with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety

> Commission.


> The BSA is posting this recall notice on its Web sites and will place

> consumer alerts in its member magazines. We appreciate the media''s

> cooperation in disseminating news of these actions.


> The Boy Scouts of America''s highest priority is the safety of its youth

> members and their families. We apologize for any concern this matter has

> caused and will continue to do everything possible to help ensure the

> health

> and safety of all those who participate in our programs.


> Q&A


> Q1. How many of the recalled products have been purchased? How long have

> they been manufactured?


> A1. The test sample was conducted on the most recent shipment. We do not

> know if previous lots had a similar problem, so the recall notice

> encompasses

> all kits, whenever purchased. The BSA has received no report of

> illness or injury regarding this item. This was the first product to show

> any problem, and similar tests of other products also have shown no such

> problems. The BSA and Kahoot Products are researching whether that one

> item,

> the entire lot, or the total manufacture of the kit was affected. We will

> respond appropriately depending on the distribution level of items that

> will

> be subject to recall.


> Some 20,000 kits containing 10 decorations per kit have been sold annually

> for the last seven years.


> Q2. How was this problem discovered?


> A2. This test was part of a routine inspection of a large group of BSA

> products and apparel.


> Q3. Where was the product manufactured?


> A3. China. This product was the first to show any problem. Similar tests

> of

> products received directly from China have detected no problems.


> Q4. How often are BSA products tested?


> A4. We recently began requiring all BSA products to be tested for

> compliance

> with lead paint regulations. This product is the first of 94 items tested

> to

> show excessive lead content. Consumer safety concerns, not any report of

> illness or injury, prompted our testing initiative.


> Q5. Is it true that lead was in the paint?


> A5. Yes. Lead was detected in yellow and blue paint used in the

> manufacture.


> Q6. Why have you not tested these products before?


> A6. We require and expect that all products supplied to the BSA conform to

> all rules, regulations, and laws of the United States. Our testing is a

> result of our diligence to ensure our suppliers comply with these

> regulations.


> Q7. What will be the process for replacing the kits?


> A7. Further instructions will be provided when the recall is announced.

> For

> now, parents should ensure that the totems are removed from their

> children''s

> possession. At this time, our efforts are concentrating on the safety of

> Scouts and their families.


> Q8. How many BSA products have been tested?


> A8. All other products sourced directly to the BSA from offshore have been

> tested and have passed inspection. Our domestic suppliers are responsible

> for testing the products they have sourced.


> Q9. I thought all BSA merchandise was manufactured in the United States.

> Now

> you are going to China?


> A9. Our supplier, Kahoot, is an American company. The BSA seeks out the

> best

> suppliers of merchandise, and in today''s economy, the best suppliers may

> source some or all of their products from foreign manufacturers.


> Q10. What can I do to ensure my child''s safety?


> A10. Consider the supplier. This is the BSA''s first product recall in

> several years, and the first one of this magnitude, but we are not aware

> of

> any illness or injury resulting from the use of this product. If you are

> concerned about your child''s safety in connection with the present matter,

> consult your doctor or other health care professional.


> Q11. Will there be more recalls?

> A01. We can promise only that we will remain vigilant in maintaining

> product

> quality and safety. Again, we are not aware of any illness or injury

> resulting from the use of this product.


> Q12. How can I trust that other BSA products are safe?


> A12. Our customers can be confident that we will remain vigilant in

> maintaining product quality and safety. Once again, we are not aware of

> any

> illness or injury resulting from the use of this product.


> Inquiries regarding this recall should be directed to Kahoot Productions,

> Inc.,

> at 770-522-2921. Additionally, Kahoot is working to establish a toll-free

> consumer

> hotline for parents and other concerned parties, which wiill post on

> www.scouting.org under the Cub Scout link.


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It is not very well known yet, but the Boy Scouts are now having all the uniforms shirts, pants, ect... made in China. I own a store that has sold BSA merchandise for 23 years and just recently noticed that all the cub shirts are coming with tags that read made in China. I called and complained about it to national supply division and they cancelled our account. I cannot beleive they would go that far. Take away our distributorship because I got upset and **** ed at them. Belive it or not. Its true. This really happened. I called and said it is Boy Scouts of America not Boy Scouts of China, and said it was unAmerican for them to have the uniforms made in China, I might have said a few other negitive coments but nothing that would justify our account being cancelled. It has just blown me away. I have made a couple calls about it and I am told that there is nothing that can be done to keep our account. The decision has been made to cancel our distributorship. Unbelievable. I guess I just happened to speak to the wrong person, she is the director of off shore marketing. Unbeleivable!

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