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Recall of CS Immediate Recognition Kit

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October 2,2007


National Supply Group

Boy Scouts of America

P.O. Box 7143

Charlotte, NC 28247


Dear Sirs:


We have been advised that product safety testing for the Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit, Item 01804, that we supply to the Boy Scouts of America may contain lead levels in excess of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards in the paint on one component of the kit, the totem badge. In light of this development, we have decided to initiate a voluntary recall of the product and have instructed our counsel to move forward with the voluntary recall

without delay.


Pending formalization of the details of the recall, we urge all

consumers to remove the Cub Scout Recognition totem badge from the

children''s possession and be kept in a safe place where only adults

will have access to them. Detailed instructions for returning the

product for replacement will be provided when the recall is announced.


We have received no reports of any injuries resulting from use of the kits. Nevertheless, we urge that this action be taken as a precautionary measure, and as a reflection of our commitment - shared by Boy Scouts of America - to sell only products of the highest quality.


Yours truly,


Chuck Kelderhouse


Kahoot Products. Inc.

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All of the official BSA patches are now made in China, check it out next time you are in the scout shop. Looks like the BSA can no longer claim their uniform items are all made in the USA. It also means a lot more chi-ching for the supply division coffers.

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"It also means a lot more chi-ching for the supply division coffers."


One could also say, with at least the same degree of accuracy, that U.S. suppliers raised their prices so many times that BSA decided a lower cost was better than passing along higher costs to already-complaining Scouting consumers. When was the last time anybody bought a pair of shoes made the U.S.? That almost all shoes are made overseas today is not because the shoe stores decided to get rich off the consuming public.

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How strongly do we feel about it? Just refuse to put anything "made in China" on your uniform. I have started "boycotting"...I regularly pass up clothing now, especially at Costco, marked "made in Vietnam". In the mall on Sunday, waiting for a dinner reservation, I was looking at a new SAAB suv on display. It looked suspiciously like a Chevy Trailblazer, and upon inspecting the sticker, only 14% of the car was made in Sweden. Engine was from Australia, tranny from Japan, etc. And it was "assembled" in Ohio, I think. "Buy American"? It''s impossible.

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"Is this part of the todays recall of chinese made toys due to lead based paint?"


No. There were 8 seperate toys recalled on 10/4, this badge was not included. In fact, the badge has not officially been recalled through the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Although it might show up on their recall list today. They usually publish that list via internet and press release between 4 & 5 pm each day.


The recall is not finalized. When it is, it will list dates and replacement procedures.


"I did notice my Philmont patch had a made in china sticker on the back of it."


I don''t know if you are being serious or not, but just in case... The recalls lately are all for paint. Generally paint that adheres to plastic. Usually the paints most affected are the brighter ones, Red, Yellow, Orange and the brighter shades of blue.


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BSA National site also has a notice up -




From what I have heard there does not seem to be a start date on this. I would reccommend that ALL families (even those families whose Scouts are no longer Wolf or Bear) find these and put them away somewhere. I do not believe that, aside from publishing the info, most councils have made a decision on what to do with the totems that have already been sold. It sounds like they are waiting on Kahoot to see what they will be doing. All product has been pulled off of all shops shelves.


What a mess.


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