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Next years camp info (Or lack thereof)

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I am a committee member in charge of summer camp planning. I go and physically scope out the camp beforehand,if I have never been there. Otherwise,I study their website.My concern is that some camps seem to pussyfoot around when it comes to posting info for next years program.Or they have outdated sites.This has been the case for several camps. I need to get this to the troop committe asap,to properly provide the camp program for the scouts,and so they can choose and plan their yearly schedule.I detest being put on the spot,and procrastinating this.But,through no fault of my own, I have a short time to present the info to comm. and the scouts/parents,get the deposit,and reserve our desired site/week/program for camp. If these camps were serious about scout attendence and quality programs,then they should present their next years program in a timely manner,like in Oct. at the latest,instead of Dec.,Feb.,March,and in a recent case first week of MAY!!!,then have the gall to ask for deposits within a week or 2 of their posting!i CAN NOT and WILL NOT plan my troops summer camp program like that.Any one else have anxieties about this issue?

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Why don't you put the SE on the spot...call or e-mail him/her and tell him what you told us...that you are planning for next year's camp and havce been unsuccessful at finding timely information on the Council website, and does he have any suggestions for you. Otherwise, scratch them off the list and keep looking.

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I think most of us feel your pain.

Still maybe you need to look at things from the Council point of view.

Most of the camps in the area where I live only ended sometime in August.

Trying to gather enough adults together to have a worthwhile meeting before school goes back is really tough.

There is a lot of other things going on in most councils.

In the Council I serve we have the big membership drive in September, then the popcorn sale followed by the FOS campaign.

Even if the Council Camping Committee meets in September, it takes time to gather any information that is needed and then a couple of meetings to make any changes that are going to be made.

To be honest most camps don't change that much from year to year,other than maybe the cost which even if it goes up more than lightly is only going up less than 20 or so bucks.

Working from last years information really shouldn't be that big a deal.


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Why aren't the Scouts doing the research?


It's their program. Let the PLC figure out, with the SM, what right ought to look like.


Now, maybe you're needed for a thunder run to be Acme Cab service to the camp.


Frankly, power this down to the PLC. If we want the concept of them being a miniature working democracy, this is the kind of decision, and the kind of decisionmaking research, they, and not the committee, should be doing.

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I feel your pain but there is a lot to planning camp. I am on the council camping committee. We spend August reviewing evaluations. Septeber and October, reviewing budget and camp fees. Also working on camp promotion and staff hiring. We are continuously work on camp repairs. Then there are the mandates from National and from the state we have our camp in. We start promotion to nearby councils november 1st. Meantime our aquatics director, Climbing sports, and Shooting sports have mandated committees> I know Aquatics is working on adding activities to the waterfront. She has to write the plan and budget then present it to the council board.

I can go on an on about what is going on that you call incation but there is lots going on that no one sees.

Lastly the program and camp can really be worked out until there are adequate upper level staff. At our camp anyway the staff plans the schedules.

Not sure what you expect but volunteering to help on your District or council camping committee will make you aware of why we are dragging our feet. Most of it is done by volunteers and the council camping director.

Best bet is to go by last years schedule and hope for the best.

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If you're looking for answers to specific information about the camp program, I agree with others - checking out last year's program guide should be just fine. Place a phone call to the camp or the council offices just to ask if there's anything big that's going to be new.


It sounds, however, that you may be looking for more of a "feel" for the camp - something to replace your in-person visits. That's one point where I'd have to agree many councils can improve things. Multiple photos of each program area, of campsites, of the dining hall, trading post, waterfront, etc., are easy to take - there's no excuse for not having both overview shots and close-ups of grinning campers. And most places will also send you a camp promotions video or DVD for free.


I also agree that the PLC should be doing pretty much everything that you describe as your role. The troop committee shouldn't really have a role in selecting the camp, except for *perhaps* putting a price cap on the venture.(This message has been edited by shortridge)

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