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BSA merchandise should be "Made in America" not China - Online Petition

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WOW This topic discussion went on for three years, and where are we now as the BSA continues to sadly flounder at an even greater pace, councils being merged at an even faster pace, membership continu

BSA merchandise should be "Made in America" not China   http://www.PetitionOnline.com/bsa139/   We believe in this strongly, and have created this petition to be sent to the Chief Scout Executiv

We're not getting any "deals" in cost for our uniforms that are made in china, anyone and everyone who has bought a scouting uniform knows this, we're paying for made in America prices, we're the BSA,

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Polls reflect what people say, not necessarily what they do. If 62% of folks really wanted to pay more for U.S made products they would have done that. We know what they did - they bought lower priced foreign stuff instead. U.S. companines are out of business because they can't sell their product at a price high enough to recover their costs. Other companies try to stay in business by outsourcing the work elsewhere. Why? - polls notwithstanding, the American consumer wants the lowest price possible above all else.

Very true. When I used to work for a transit agency we would survey residents on what they wanted in a neighborhood bus shuttle. Even most of 'would very likely use' ever used it. We went back to straight mathematical demographic modeling and always got better ridership. 

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Most Sailors I've talked to have never been impressed by the NWU (to put it lightly and in family-friendly phrasing).


As a career Airman, I can say first hand that the ABU was zero improvement over the old BDU.   It was discovered that the ABU fabric was dangerous on the battlefield or at the disaster scene (melting to skin, etc.)   So another cotton version was introduced.  


I could go on and on, but suffice to say:   When field uniforms are designed by higher headquarters types, most of whom were never in the field, nor have any intention of ever being in the field, nor desire/request any input from people in actually in the field, you get a uniform that just doesn't meet the needs of the people who wear it each day.  

Are you talking about National?

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Maybe I'll read the entire thread at some point.  But first I'll add, that our lodge youth made a decision last year that when having patches made using lodge funds, those patches should be made in the USA.  That really isn't hard as the quantities we generally deal with we get the best prices locally anyway. 

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