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Adult Leader discipline problems

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Hello , I'm fairy new to scouts, my son is currently a bear and my husband is the leader of the bears. My husband took on the role due to the fact that no other adult showed any interest and the ones that said they would do it didn't seem to want to . That was a problem when we first started, the leaders didn't really want to be bothered so the boys missed out on a lot due to the leaders not preparing anything. My husband offered to lead the bears and did the leader training this year along with two other parents who had the same concerns . They all worked very hard to give the boys the experience they deserve.

Unfortunately we're still having issues with den leadership.

The den leader and his wife became leaders about a year before we started and they have taken over the den while everyone appreciates that they donate their time, they run things as they see fit for them and not necessarily the way the scout guidelines dictate. Things are often canceled or shortened or omitted completely depending on their wants . The  boys raise money and parents pay for day camps and activities that are scheduled and then the DL and his wife cancel the event or change it without notice and don't offer any explanation or refund.! The biggest issue is just the lack of respect they carry towards others and their values don't represent the scout way. It seems as though they like the idea of being leaders but don't actually care about doing the job. They just want the title.

Since they are the highest rank we know of everyone has run into the issues of who do we speak to , to help change things ?  Its gotten to the point where more than half our pack are speaking about quitting completely or joining a different pack . There is only so much people can handle and with the situation getting worse not better I worry if the issues are not  addressed soon then there will not be a pack to speak of. It makes me feel bad for the boys that they are not able to enjoy being a  boy scout  and being with friends because of the den leadership. Any advice will be greatly appreciated . 

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@Vanhall21  welcome to scouter.com. I did some editing  but could you clarify.

     Your husband is the Bears DL for your son's den and all is well with that den or did other adult leaders take over?

     Another den has adult leader problems which is affecting your Pack? 

     Where is the Cubmaster in all of this?

     Are you a leader in the Pack?  


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@Vanhall21, welcome.

1 hour ago, Vanhall21 said:

The den leader and his wife became leaders about a year before we started and they have taken over the den

Do you by any chance mean the cub master and/or committee chair? Or the previous den leader and his wife became cub master and committee chair? The term den leader doesn't make sense in this context. If these people are not the cub master/committee chair then that's who you should talk to about these people being a problem. If these people are the cub master and committee chair then that's a much messier situation. If you could clarify that would help us understand.

BTW, your husband is great for taking on being a den leader.

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@Vanhall21, welcome to the forums. You will find that the biggest challenge of scouting, most days, is working wih other adults.

Here's an official link to the average pack's organization chart: https://www.scouting.org/programs/cub-scouts/how-cub-scouting-is-organized/

The positions with broader responsibilities are down the page. Do you know who's in each of those positions?

At the end of the day, your best shot at solving problems like this is by talking to the  adults who you'd like to correct over a cup of coffee.

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